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  1. They’re upset they are’nt being mollycoddled as they are in Britain. Ridiculous that the middle class lesbians and queers, and manhating “wimmin” are behind the protection and grovelling to these repulsive parasite fanatics. These bigots would most like to see women having kids and being slavish towards their male masters, and lesbians and queers dangling at the end of a rope.
    BUT it provides jobs somehow for these hypocrites,. and a ridiculous amount of influence. While gutless politicians grovel to THEM, they grovel and lick the curry stained arses of these cuckoos in our nest

  2. I don’t forget. I’ll never forget. I’ll always remember the silence of the muslim world when everyone else were denouncing this evil act of terrorism and butchery on 911. During this time the muslims in the USA could only think think of themselves. Example: What if someone is mean to me for this and because I do not speak out against it and because of the party I had in celebration of 911? A bunch of cold-hearted narcissists.
    Also fellow Americans remember this. The people who stayed trapped in those buildings were almost impossible to find later because their bodies were chewed up into tiny pieces as if they were in a giant meat grinder. For years I couldn’t even think about 911 without getting so outraged my teeth were chattering.

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