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I don’t evaluate the data, I just report it.

Vasarahammer informs that someone over at the Finnish chat forum, Hommaforum, someone has compiled the latest figure in the newly released rape statistics for Finland. The report says nine variants of the spelling of Mohamed were spotted, but I only counted eight. That said, they are featured in these statistics greater than their demographics.

Of the 172 convicted, foreigners / or with foreign background 60, or 35% (in 2011 the corresponding figures 121/48/40). Two had an address in Germany. One was convicted from Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Russia.

16 people were convicted of aggravated rape, foreign / backgrounds 6 people, or 38% (in 2011 the corresponding figures 15.03.20).

99 people were convicted of rape with foreign / backgrounds 34 people, or 34% (2011 figures correspond to 69/31/45).

38 people were convicted of coercion into sexual intercourse, foreign / backgrounds 10 people, or 26% (in 2011 the corresponding figures 23.09.39).

Optulan researcher Lappi-Seppälä would probably think that the over-representation of these are just a coincidence, this time, too.

In comprising the list, I could not help noticing that nine of the convicted  were named Muhammad, or some variant of it. In contrast, for example, Mikko, Heikki, Jussi, Tero and Antti appeared each, 3 times. Well, I guess, but Muhammad is such a common name in Finland. Or this one is but a coincidence.

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