Oh and it’s a demilitarized area.

They’re the same tards who murdered in cold blood Assad loyalists who surrendered to them at some outpost near the Israeli border a few days ago.

tard shoots up demilitarized zone 10.3.2013

Syrian rebels fire shots on Golan border

Taking advantage of UN peacekeepers’ absence, Assad’s opponents release videos shot not far from border with Israel, vow to ‘return the Golan to the free Syrian people’

Roi Kais

Published: 03.09.13, 19:49 / Israel

Syrian rebels, active in the Syrian Golan Heights, are approaching the Israeli border: While 21 United Nation peacekeepers were released by the rebels after being held for four days, Syrian President Bashar Assad ‘s opponents on Saturday evening posted videos showing them firing in the air not far from the border with Israel.

In one of the videos, the rebels are seen traveling in a vehicle within a demilitarized area. One of the rebels slams the Assad regime while conveying a message to Israel..

“We are now in front of the occupied Golan, the blessed land sold by Hafez Assad,” he says in the clip. “For 40 years, not a single gunshot has been fired on this land. For 40 years, not a single gunshot has been fired towards Israel.”

He goes on to declare that from now on, the rebels will fire on this land, and the men in the car with him fire in the air symbolically. He then says, “We will free the Golan and it will return to the free Syrian people, with the help of Allah.”

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  1. So the UN has completely abandoned the Golan DMZ. This is going to be a major problem for Israel. Snipers, rockets, Israel can’t tolerate another front. At least I hope they don’t tolerate it, but look at Jerusalem and how the Muslims there are really pushing Isael around. It’s trouble and Israel will have to react.

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