Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Anti-Semitism in the Netherlands Manfred Gerstenfeld Netherlands



And the majority of the Dutch political class and the media bear the responsibility for it.

saudi+stooges anti-semitism

And folks, this type of dangerous environment lends credibility to the darker notions many people within Dutch society have (and other European states with similar circumstances) in regards to Jews. The fact remains, that Jews and Israel are intertwined in the minds of anti-Semites.

Given the high volume of negative reporting against the Jewish state by the state and regular media, much of it outrageous and purposefully done with ill intent, it doesn’t come as a surprise that anti-Semitism, and yes calls for genocide of Israel and Jews, have become a normal occurrence in the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe.

five million dutch have satanic view of israel 8.3.2013

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