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None of your freaking business should be the answer.

This can only happen within a society that has given up on its liberty ages ago. The statist will always find ways to strip you of your personal property, invade your privacy, and rob you of your humanity, all the while placing a smiley face on the coercive soft tyranny as ”public duty”.

Sweden, like many European state, Finland, and yes including Canada as well, have state licencing fees for television. The fees go to support the state broadcaster TV station(s) and radio channel(s), what you get in return for your forced payment is two or three TV stations, all sub par, and with plenty of repeat programming, and a perch from which the state can promote its political and social policies, and pretty much goes unchallenged.

To top it off, the state broadcaster serves as an employment agency for hack politicians and every kind of Left-wing crack-pot fake journalist you can think of, dishing up the news and programming to their hearts content. They’re echo chambers of radical Leftist extremism.

The case for such an entity has long since past its due date, (if it ever had any merit to begin with), there are a plethora of cable companies that could easily fill the void for both news and TV programming at a far lower cost to the consumer, but it’s a state cash cow, and the political class will refuse to divest itself from it.

So this is what you get:

Smartphone owners hit with TV-licence fee

Smartphone owners hit with TV-licence fee

Published: 4 Mar 13 07:15 CET |

Swedish TV-licence fee collectors have started asking Swedes if they have smartphones, in a drive to round up anyone who may be streaming content online but not paying the annual television fee.

Currently, anyone with a television receiver is required by law to pay the 2,076 kronor ($320) annual fee, which is collected and enforced by Radiotjänst, a division of Swedish public service broadcasting.

In recent weeks, TV-licence fee collection agency Radiotjänst has made a push to target Swedes who watch digitally streamed content on computer and tablet devices such as the iPad.

Now, the Kiruna-based company is targeting smartphone users, and a handful of Swedes have already coughed up for their mobile usage.

“Three people who can watch television on their mobile phones have chosen to pay the fee so far,” Radiotjänst’s CEO Carl-Gustav Johansson told the Dagens Nyheter newspaper (DN).

“Despite this, it’s possible that they even have a computer, with a separate screen, or a TV-apparatus that they can also use.”

Radiotjänst workers have started a round-up telephone survey of the 350,000 Swedes not paying the fee, in order to confirm if any of them are using any “contributing equipment” that would allow them to stream online content, wrote DN.

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