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$3,156.00 a month paid to terrorists.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for the Norwegian government to hide behind their very thin veneer of humanitarianism, while they openly fund jihad against the Jews.

Norwegian MP says government indirectly” funds terrorism

MP calls on Committee on Scrutiny and Constitutional Affairs to investigate if former Foreign Minister “wrongly” informed Parliament about PA salary payments to terrorist prisoners

After NRK TV publicized PMW’s findings, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry agreed to again check into the question

of PA payments of salaries to terrorists in prison

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

Norwegian state-owned NRK TV launched an inquiry into Norway’s support of the PA’s general budget. The PA uses this budget to pay salaries of all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails for security offenses. Palestinian Media Watch has reported that the recipients of the monthly salary include all imprisoned terrorists including those serving multiple life sentences for murder. NRK’s publication of PMW’s findings has led to complaints by Norwegian MPs that their government is indirectly funding terror and has “wrongly” informed parliament.

MP Peter Gitmark to NRK TV:“This is very serious and especially the fact that it almost seems to be an aid program to terror-convicted prisoners in Israel, not to mention that it increases according to the length of the sentence.”

NRK TV newsreader: “Do you think that Norwegian tax money is being used to fund terrorism?”

MP Peter Gitmark: “Yes, this is an indirect form of that.”

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