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Racism falls on all sides of the political spectrum, but racism, and racist genocidal movements are more a left-wing affair than they would care to admit. The reason for this is simple, the Left traditionally treats property rights with disdain, which eventually turns people into serfs and slaves for the all expansive administrative state. Treating people as subjects, the statist removes the uniqueness of their individuality and humanity, making it all the more easier to inflict draconian policies upon them, including racist discriminatory ones.

Yes, Right-wing neo-statists can be problematic as well, but at least they pay lip service to, and occasionally act upon, the classic liberal principles that they profess, the very same ones that the Leftist statist openly rejects.

NOTE: Paul Weston is one of the kindest, nicest gentlemen I’ve ever met.

The Genocidal Racism of Left-Wing Extremists

by Paul Weston

I have had some interesting discussions with extreme left-wingers recently. And oh boy, what a dreadful lot of immoral, dangerous racists they are!

These online conversations are always initiated by the leftists, who promptly accuse me of racism, bigotry and Islamophobia. I reply that I am not driven by a dislike, or even hatred of foreigners, but that I love my country, its culture, its people and its inherent decency, all of which I see threatened by an ever-growing number of immigrant people who share few of our moderate ideals.

This sparks off more accusations of racism, but I then ask the following question: “You tell me British Colonialism was wrong, yet you have no problem with Britain being colonised. This tells me it is not colonialism that bothers you, but the existence of traditional Britain. Is this the case?”

The leftist reply to this is that Britain committed all sorts of atrocities in the past, and it is now retribution time. I then ask them if they carry this same view over to other forms of colonialism. For example, the Zulus ethnically cleansed the Hottentot from Southern Africa, so based on leftist logic was it not a morally just form of retribution when the Zulus in turn were subjugated by the British and the Dutch? If the leftist considers this was not morally just, was it purely because the British and Dutch colonisers were white?

Leftists don’t really like this argument. They have difficulty answering the question because in their own peculiar world view, tribal racism simply does not exist when non-whites are the guilty party. Only whites can be guilty and only whites must suffer retribution. This is, of course, pure anti-white racism writ large.

When the African-American feminist Bonnie Greer appeared on the BBC’s Question Time a couple of years ago, she declared there was no such entity as the “Indigenous English.” This is a terribly racist statement to make, and is just the sort of rhetoric Hitler used against the Jews when he sought to de-legitimise them. Greer was allowed to get away with this, naturally, because the BBC is in broad agreement with such racist ideology.

So the next question I ask the leftist is this: “Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?”

The rest is here at GOV

3 Responses

  1. ““Do you agree that all indigenous people, regardless of their skin colour, have a legal and moral right to their traditional existence and to their homeland?””

    In a word, no, I don’t. A fair fight is fought with guns, this legal crap is just institutionalized corruption.

    1. I haven’t a clue as to what you could be talking about here. If the answer is yes, then what you’re saying is might is right, and if Europe and the West is overrun by a totalitarian ideology, then ..oh well.

  2. By and large, the left cannot sustain a logical discussion in any argument or discussion that questions their opinions.

    It’s true as Paul Weston asserts that when you put forward a claim supported by factual data they fly off the handle and respond with abuse, vitriol, and the usual pathetic cliches of ‘racism’ etc.

    Self deception is an amazing thing and they are past masters of this kind of self- deluded tom-foolery.

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