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Of course, you could just listen to the crazy uncle in the White House and take him at his word.

Bumbling fool biden

Colorado Bill Would Ban Shotguns

Why, when it comes gun control, would we believe that the same politicians and media that told us we could keep our health insurance under ObamaCare, and that premium costs wouldn’t rise?  It’s all a hustle, a scam, and a long con to get the camel nose in the tent so that eventually the entire beast can be forced in.

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  1. I’m surprised to see this bill has any traction in Colorado. Colorado is historically a strong 2nd Amendment state. What is particularly disturbing about this legislation is that it would have little impact on preventing the kind of tragedies that occurred in Colorado.

    What is particularly frightening about the anti-firearm legislation being proposed at the state level (not just in Colorado) is the concurrent cutback in law enforcement funding. People are not thinking these proposals through.

    If I may, you can find my take on the 2nd amendment at:

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