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15 arrested and smoke bombs hurled at police as English Defence League confront anti-fascist group

  • Newlyweds caught up in demonstration as they get married in city square
  • Police penned in opposing protesters on opposite sides of square


PUBLISHED: 17:14 GMT, 2 March 2013 | UPDATED: 01:47 GMT, 3 March 2013

Fifteen people were arrested today as smoke bombs were hurled at police during a rally by the far right English Defence League.

About 700 EDL demonstrators gathered in Albert Square, Manchester, with about 350 people taking part in a counter protest.

Hundreds of officers from Greater Manchester Police penned in the demonstrators as the left wing Unite Against Fascism held a counter demonstration.

A green smoke bomb and then a white one was thrown as police kept the groups apart at opposite ends of Albert Square in the city centre.

Protesting: Hundreds of Engilsh Defence League demonstrators in Manchester this afternoonProtesting: Hundreds of Engilsh Defence League demonstrators in Manchester this afternoon
Careful: An officer kicks away a smoke bomb hurled at officers during the EDL marchCareful: An officer kicks away a smoke bomb hurled at officers during the EDL march

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One Response

  1. In branding the EDL as “Fascist”, the so-called anti-Fascist groups are protecting a Fascist Imperial movement: Islamism.

    Those who seek to make the Koran the supreme law of the land are seeking complete social conformity and regimentation under one-man rule. That’s Fascism!

    Those who seek protection of individual rights to practice the religion of one’s choice are anti-Fascists. Yet the situation is rarely presented that way. Also, because England has a history of a state religion (“The Church of England”), those who defend the status quo ante are caught in a quandary where they can be portrayed as hypocrites. The conflict in Northern Ireland serves as a pretext for the religious tensions exhibited between the EDL and Islamists.

    People will thrust the debate on the EDL as to whether it is a Fascist group (or has elements of Fascists within its ranks). Nobody ever questions the Islamists. Armed with petro-dollars, the Islamists ward off equal scrutiny.

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