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What is more of interest to me is the reaction (if any) from the Left, who have positioned white Europeans as the ethnic poster child of racism in the world. There are many who actually believe that ‘people of color’ could never be racist, only Whites are supposedly inherently evil. Well guess again, racism is found in every quarter of the globe and in every national group and subgroup in existence, and it didn’t start in ”white Europe”.

lebanese racism

Not all colors welcomed in Lebanon’s cultural tapestry

From Arwa Damon, CNN
February 11, 2013 — Updated 0325 GMT (1125 HKT)

Beirut, Lebanon (CNN) — Lebanon prides itself on its image as a melting pot on the Mediterranean: an ancient bastion of civilization boasting a diverse tapestry of cultures and creeds.

But scratch the surface, and it becomes apparent that not everyone fits into the country’s cosmopolitan self-image.

Many migrants and mixed-race Lebanese, particularly those of Asian and African origin, say they encounter racism on a regular basis.

Nepalese woman Priya Subeydi told CNN she plans to leave the country soon, as she does not want her nine-month-old son growing up feeling like a second-class citizen.

“Every day we face racism,” she said. “I just want to let him to grow in my own country.”

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