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What a tangled web we weave.

The free paper issued to over 360 000 homes by the J.Kärkkäinen supermarket chain, Magneetti Media, has been consistently publishing conspiracy stories for some time now, many of them anti-Semitic. There’s no question about it, J.Kärkkäinen has a ”Jew problem” as the following picture from their most recent publication that includes the entire reading of the fraudulent Protocols of the learned elders of Zion, shows.

Magneetti Media Kärkkiäinen supermartket paper protocols of the learned elders of zion 15.2.2013

Now the supermarket chain is being investigated by the Finnish state prosecutors office, by none other than, Mika Illman, the same man who wrongfully prosecuted (then) Helsinki city councilman, Jussi Halla-aho, for alleged ”hate-speech” crimes, when in fact, he was innocent of the charges. The case against him was politically motivated.

I am for philosophical reasons, immensely opposed to any ‘hate speech’ laws, in which unacceptable and even repugnant speech, as in this case it truly is, to be punishable by the court system. It’s a violation of free speech, either you have the right to speak your mind, or you don’t, you can’t have it both ways.

We already have libel laws on the books that handle personal defamation claims, hate speech laws, such as the ones we have here in Finland, Sweden and elsewhere in Europe, are entirely counterproductive, because these laws go against the very idea of free speech, as well as being abused, and have been, as in the Jussi Halla-aho case.

Let me make this entirely clear. I seek the exact same goals as those applauding the state’s prosecutor’s office pursuing of the J.Kärkkäinen supermarket chain, it needs to be stopped. What should happen instead, and which takes more time and personal involvement, is the  mounting of a highly public boycott campaign against the supermarket chain on the radio, newspapers, television and internet.

The supermarket chain owners must be made to feel that the pursuing of such an anti-Semitic line, will end up costing them financially, as their wholesalers begin to refuse to associate with them in any future business deals, because it will in the long run, reflect badly upon themselves as well. The trickle down effect within the business community would be substantial as well as enlightening for the general public as the issue gets aired in such a high profile way.

The only answer to anti-Semitism, and other forms of hate speech and bigotry, is more free speech, a public boycotting of the anti-Semitic supermarket chain J.Kärkkäinen would be in fact, the epitome of free speech, and IMHO, hitting them in their pocket books while reducing them to the outer fringe of society, is the best way to pursue the case.

Vasarahammer : Magneettimedia is a conspiracy nut website and one article that was written by Adrian Salbuchi and translated into Finnish was published in Kärkkäinen retail store newsletter distributed free of charge to households around Finland. The article is mostly based on classic antisemitic conspiracy theory with only the word zionist used instead of Jew.

Kärkkäinen is a discount store chain, the owner of which belongs to a Laestadian sect within the Lutheran Church. They have stores in Lahti and Ylivieska, at least.

Writings in department store chain’s paper under investigation

Wednesday 02.13.2013 at 12.11

IL: The department store chain J. Kärkkäinen free newspaper writings have been has been transferred to the Prosecutor General for a consideration of charges.

Puclication Magnetic Media released last fall, the article, entitled “The World Mighty Power the U.S. is a puppet of the Zionists.”

Guest Column-writing spawned two criminal investigation requests. One of them made by the Finnish Jewish Community, the Central Council, according to which the script is anti-Semitic and racist. The second was for investigation of an individual.

The police criminal investigation of this issue was one of suspicion of ethnic agitation. The Prosecutor Mika Illman estimates that the prosecution will be completed in the spring.

J. Kärkkäinen Oy has stores in Ylivieska, Lahti, Finland and Oulu. According to the company Magnetic Media has a circulation of more than 360 000 copies.


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  1. Editor of Magneettimedia is Juha Kärkkäinen. He’s the CEO of Kärkkäinen discount store chain.

    I’m not sure if any kind of boycott would work for Kärkkäinen, since the owner belongs to the Laestadian sect, the members of which tend to support each other’s businesses. There are more than enough Laestadians in Ylivieska and Oulu region to fill in the stores. In addition, more and more Laestadians are migrating to the southern part of the country, so the Lahti store would also survive.

    Laestadians are known for their large families. It is not rare for them to have ten children or more.

    Kärkkäinen discount store chain had some financial difficulties back in 2009.

    It’s difficult to understand what benefit Kärkkäinen thinks they’ll get from Magneettimedia.

    1. His Laestadian pals are not entirely self sufficient, they rely on the ”outside world” for their needs, a systematic confrontation with the stores suppliers would work if the will was there.

  2. “His Laestadian pals are not entirely self sufficient, they rely on the ”outside world” for their needs, a systematic confrontation with the stores suppliers would work if the will was there.”

    Yes, if the will was there. The annual turnover of Kärkkäinen is sligthly above 100 million euros. So it’s not just the Laestadians that visit the stores.

    I browsed through the Magneettimedia website and I have rarely encountered a Finnish language website so full of complete bulls***t. It seems that the publishers have really dug deep in the internet gutter to find the stuff.

    The articles that are mostly translated contain pseudoscientific junk posing as information. The antisemitic material seems to be quite an important part of the total content. The protocols of the elders of Zion were there as well as an antisemitic article about Henry Ford that was copied from Radio Islam website. The CEO Juha Kärkkäinen is listed as the editor, but I doubt that he is directly involved in the compilation, translation and publication of the articles. He will be the one paying the fines though.

    Mika Illman will have a field day in court.

    1. I was mainly interested in the wholesalers angle, attacking with a convincing campaign directed in their direction would deprive the store of the needed goods to sell. The main thing here is the will to do it, as opposed to seeking redress from the authorities who cannot be trusted with a damn thing. Allowing politicians and the judicial system that enforces their agendas, is not a wise move in any regards. That said, that franchise is in for a rude awakening once Illman unloads on them, and as in the case of the filth blogger, Seppo Lehto, I shall not shed a tear for its demise.

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