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Brussels has more dark secrets just waiting to be exposed.

They sure haven’t any problem spending our money the way that they see fit. I’m sure that the overwhelming majority of EU taxpayers would reject the idea of their hard earned money going to fund mosque building in occupied North-Cyprus, but yet that’s exactly what happened. People will always be less thrifty spending someone else’s money than with their own.

NOTE: If you listen carefully enough, and if the wind is just right, you’ll hear a room full of Turks laughing their asses off over this one.

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EU pays tax payer’s money for Turkish mosques in occupied North-Cyprus

The EU is paying European tax payer’s money for mosques of the Turks who are occupying Northern Cyprus. That has been recently discovered by the Flemish Member of the European Parliament Philip Claeys of the Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest)-party.

In 1974 the Turkish army stormed and occupied the entire north of  Cyprus. The Greeks in the north were put to flight, many thousands were killed. Hundreds of Greek Orthodox churches and monasteries were destroyed, burned, looted and neglected.

Since 2004, Cyprus joined the EU. An appropriate time to ask the huge Turkish army to leave the island, one would think, but that does not happen: Turkey is still considered as a candidate member of the EU, even if it doesn’t meet any condition. The Greek Cypriots from the south can these days only visit the villages in the north of which they are expelled. It is painful for them to see that the churches where they were baptized or married are further neglected and fall to ruins. So they asked the Turks if they can at least maintain and restore their churches. But that is brutally denied.

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  1. The feckless bozos in the EU just like other weak willed members of the international political class still are of the opinion that pandering,groveling, and ass kissing will earn them favor with the various Islamic nations and groups. These fools and dupes will never learn, the only thing that the Muslim world understands is a good ass kicking firmly applied. In the end all of this PC pussyfooting will come back to haunt them big time. As usual we will hear the same lame excuses from the pompous blowhards at the seat of the dictate, the ‘Throne In Brussels”.

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