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Boy ol’ boy, that Obama sure knows how to pick em.

Perhaps this is the reason why he prefers to refer to Jerusalem as al-Quds. The more of the onion layers on Obama are peeled away, the more is revealed. I had his number early on though, back in 2007, but little help that did.


Via Creeping Sharia & Sheik Yer’Mami: 

This is the turd who told us that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular”, “jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam”and the same Brennan called for a stop to “Iran bashing.”
He has helped strip language about “radical Islam” and similar terms from government vernacular, choosing instead to refer to “violent extremism.” When it comes to jihad, he stubbornly maintains the word does not belong in conversations about terror, no matter what the terrorists themselves say.

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  1. At the 50 second point in the video he states, “I marveled at the majesty of the Haj.”

    This sounds to me like he must have whitnesed the Haj in person.

    Well the Haj is in Mecca. And Mecca is a closed city to non-Muslims. What was he doing in Mecca if he was not a Muslim.

    Did he inadvertantly say he was a Muslim?

    According to Creeping Sharia, an FBI agent confirms that Brennan converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia.

    So now it is easy to understand his absolutely assinine statements on jihad.

    And this Muslim “want a be” is obama’s CIA nominee!

  2. To the people: If you will but take the time to read Whittaker Chambers’ “Witness”,
    “Circle of Treason” by Grimes and Vertefeuille, and “Stalins Secret Agents: ” by Evans and Romerstein, the noose we are in becomes much clearer through these particular lenses. We now get to experience yet another wave of spying, influence peddling, and evil harm in the hallways and backrooms of the highest offices in our land and, I would dare to say, even in our White House. The musloids are learning their lessons from the Communists too well (Chavez, et al) and the successes of the old Soviet Union, Hitler, Mao, and all the other monsters of this world. Yet we STILL manage to screw it all up when the handwriting in on the damn wall! See the patterns of history? They are called patterns because they repeat themselves. Run this devil out of town! He shouldn’t be allowed to hold any kind or type of public office ever again!

  3. It’s never been a secret that he’s a muslim. He was depicted praying in Zero Dark Thirty. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lot’s of patriotic Americans who are muslim work in the cia etc.

    But his behavior and statements while at the CIA shows he’s an Infiltrator. The history of espionage is full of very similar stories. In fact stories that are far more fantastical. A soviet spy in wwII sacraficed a whole string of other russian spies in order to infiltrate german intelligence. Kim Philby spent his whole adult life in british intelligence.

    There was a famous mole hunter at the cia whom people now realize was the actual mole he was supposedly hunting. He used hthe fictitious mole story to argue that we shouldnt help when hungary tried to revolt from the soviet union. He said “the mole” would know what was going on and would sabotage everything. And they never figured it out that he was the mole all along.

    Brennan may not be sending info to the enemy but he absolutely will handicap the cia in any way he thinks he can get away with.

  4. ” Lot’s of patriotic Americans who are muslim work in the cia etc.”

    There will never be a “patriotic American” who is muslim. Never.

    The two are mutually exclusive.

  5. my bad (sort of). They discuss the official depicted in zero dark 30 and say it’s a different real official that isn’t Brennan. I had previously thought that that unnamed official was Brennan and was already under the impression that Brennan was muslim.

    That doesn’t change the validity of the rest of my comment.

  6. Brennan is the Trojan Horse, the one responsible for the stifling of the language, and the American people along with Brennan’s handlers are the ones who naively have opened the city gates.

    Of course, the Saudis have said a long time ago that they would have a plant in the White House. And that would not be Brennan but Obama.

    And the American people continue to hold their noses pretending there is no foul smell wafting up from under the floorboards. Forward!

  7. Brennan isn’t the tip of the infiltrating sword . . .there’s more that remains concealed given the sudden turn @ 9/11 when Bush gave his “with us or against us” speech and the follow-up six days later at a mosque dishing his “Islam means Peace” b.s. , and dinner with al-awlaki, the firing of Coughlin and retention of Hisham Islam despite his falsified resumé and . . .I could go on and on, but the infiltration goes back farther than we have been exposed to at this time.

  8. No surprise here the Saudis practically ‘own’ DC with their horde of lobbyists that infest the inner reaches of the Beltway. Many of our ‘esteemed’ Senators, Representatives and appointed government officials are constantly Wined,dined, and pocket lined(i.e. influenced) ad nauseam.

  9. John Brennan stated that he has a degree from al-Azhar university in Cairo, Egypt. He could not have attended that university unless he was a Muslim convert. it is a closed university to all except Muslims. He has refused to answer questions about Jihad and other Islamic practises. It should be noteworthy that Obama has made appointments to his cabinet of radical Muslims and the white liberal-left who hate Christianity and Judaism. A white liberal-left is just a euphemism for Communist and we all thought Communism was dead. Even black Christians are dispirited with Obama these days. And what ever happened to ACORN being acccused of voter fraud in twenty states?

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