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Terrorists fighting terrorists.

Well if the Heznazis are fighting for Assad, it stands to reason that the Hamasnazis will be found there as well. Shiite-Sunni cooperation until the reasons for the political expediency expire.

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Evacuation of (60) Syrian regime fighters to the military hospital in Port Sudan

Alrakoba.net: The military hospital in Port Sudan received a group consisting of (60) element fighters belonging to the Assad regime in Syria. The group includes wounded and badly wounded.

Several sources indicate that the group includes Palestinians fighters belonging to Hamas working with the Assad regime in secret, noting that the group according to the status of wounds includes fighters were “field injuries.”

There were conflicting stories about the sources and means of transport of the group to port Sudan military hospital, where some sources indicated that the group was transferred from Damascus to Khartoum airport and from there to Port Sudan, while others confirmed the group moved from a field naval hospital base of the Russian military in Syria through naval frigate to Port Sudan.

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  1. I am not at all surprised, Hamas is run by Dictators.

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