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The Left is synonymous with theft. 

It makes no difference to them what wealth those in higher income brackets create, the moronic Left wants to confiscate labor, and hand it over to those whom they deem as deserving or favor. Complete idiots.

Katja Kipping

Leftists demand 100 percent tax on the rich

Germany’s socialist Left party want a 100 percent tax on anyone earning over €500,000 and will be including the policy in their general election campaign platform, a newspaper reported on Friday.

“We are suggesting that no-one should earn over 40 times the societal minimum,” said The Left’s co-leader Katja Kipping in the party’s draft election platform, which was seen by regional newspaper the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

The party paper said the total tax on those taking home over €40,000 per month would be used to fund social welfare and investing in the country’s future.

“Explosive inequality is threatening democracy,” said co-leader Bernd Riexinger. “I call capping income at half a million euros a democracy tax.”

The upcoming campaign for Germany’s election in September was going to be one focused on wealth redistribution, said Riexinger.

The Left, born from a merger of former East German communists and disgruntled trade unionists, has struggled to raise its profile under its new leadership after failing to make political capital from the global financial crisis. It sits in the Bundestag and several state parliaments, but failed to win representation in Lower Saxony last month.

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  1. Leftists are so dumb about the most basic economics. They’ve never got it, and they never will.

    1. I agree, they never learn. Leftism is a religion, regardless of the facts and most importantly, experience, (which they reject) they consistently resort to believing in utopian schemes that comes at the expense of our liberty. Their followers are members of a religious cult, at least the more fervent of believers who reject both experience and knowledge and are prone to imagery as a moth to a flame. Obama’s cult of personality is hand crafted by himself and his handlers, knowing full well that they can be counted on to disseminate his admin’s false memes and propaganda without batting an eye. We live in an age where fiction is truth and fact is fiction.

  2. @johnjoe
    Nope, they never learn. Facts confuse them!

  3. I support them if they talk about public sector (it’s outrageous to know about politicians and judges with high salaries, specially when they do nothing to deserve it and their salaries are paid by taxpayers’ contributions), but if they talk about the private one, the only words i have for them are: screw you dumbasses.

    So if an independent worker earns more than 500.000 euros, will they simply steal his incomes, even knowing that he is his own boss and the only responsible for his high income is his own effort ?

    The real crime is allowing those lunatics into politic.

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