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In a show of fairness under the law, all a-holes hoisting the flag of international socialism and the wearing of Che Guevara T-shirts should be treated in the exact same way as this seig heiling moron.

NOTE: I’m against all forms of hate speech laws, they are highly counterproductive, leading to all kinds of violations of free speech by political hacks pushing their agendas.

che in finland

NOTE: Why the selective enforcement employed by Swedish authorities in regards to this Muslim, for his sieg heil  in the center of Stockholm during a demo in 2009? He was not arrested in spite of being completely surrounded by police officers managing the crowd. He was giving the Hitler salute to Iranian anti-Iran regime demonstrators.

muslim hitler salute in stockholm Yes, the selective enforcement of hate speech laws is yet another major strike against the use of hate speech laws to manage society. Being relegated to the fringe of society is the best method to handle nut-jobs, not hate speech legislation, which does nothing to stem the problem and is used against law abiding citizens. Just like gun control laws.

Hitler salute in breach of agitation laws: court

Published: 31 Jan 13 07:57 CET | 

A Malmö court has convicted a man who did a Nazi salute in a park for racial agitation and sentenced him to community service.

The 33-year-old man was watching the football game between Sweden and Ukraine during the summer on a big screen in a local park when the incident took place.

In court, he said the Hitler salute was an “internal joke” between him and his friends. He also stated that he was too drunk at the time to realize the gesture was inappropriate.

The court in its verdict said it had taken these claims into consideration, but found his action to be in breach of Sweden’s agitation law(hets mot folkgrupp).

The law is meant to protect against harassment of people based on, for example, their ethnicity, religion, sexuality and gender.

Sweden also has legislation on “hate crimes,” which means a sentence can be made more severe if a criminal act can be proven to have been motivated by prejudice or hatred.

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