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They came to discuss the ”extreme right”, but in reality they were talking about the ”extreme ultra-nationalists of the socialist Left”, who are in reality, the ”other yin” to their yin-yin evil dynamic.


They topped things off by mixing good folks like myself and other classical liberal proponents who are worried about totalitarian sharia/Islam, with their evil ”yin” twin. It’s truly an obscene sight to behold, the Left discussing ‘extremism’ when extremism is the cornerstone of their ideology, and they’re supposed to be the vanguards-defenders of our society against it?

What a joke. The Expo Foundation, is a left-wing extremist organization with roots in the Socialist Party and the militant fascist leftist organization AFA. The entire Expo organization is rooted in extremism, with links not only to fascist ”anti-fascists” but to anarchists as well.

It’s senior member Daniel Poohl thinks it not undemocratic to place a cordon sanitiare around the Sweden Democrats, though the same man (and others present at the seminar) would most certainly be for the political participation of the Hamas and Hezbollah in their perspective societies.

NOTE: And yes, the TT’s old time nemesis, ”Erkki ‘Old Scruffy’ Tuomioja was there as well, with Dan Koivulaakso, an extremist anti-Israel nut-job. All in all, it was extremists milling around with other extremists.

H/T: Vasarahammer


Extreme right violent but marginalised

The extreme right in Finland and Sweden is politically marginalised, but can pose a danger to individuals, according to a report published by the Swedish-Finnish Hanasaari Cultural Centre and the Swedish magazine Expo.

The report indicates that there are contacts between extreme right groups in Sweden and Finland, and that these contacts are fairly active.

The extreme right can be a threat to individuals, but does not constitute a general threat to society in either country, according to this report.

“The romanticism of violence within these groups is so strong that it breeds crime and violence,” says Daniel Poohl, editor-in-chief of the magazine Expo in Stockholm, and one of the authors of the report on organised right-wing extremism in Finland and Sweden.

This violence can affect political activists and representatives of minority groups.

“It may be enough that they perceive someone as a political opponent,” notes Poohl. “It is enough for someone to wear a Palestinian scarf for right-wing extremists to believe that this is a left-wing activist. We have seen several examples in Sweden,” he says.


More here.

NOTE: The Keffiyeh is the symbol of Arab/Muslim political activism and terrorism, so one could be reasonably excused for coming to the conclusion that the wearing of such a symbol is akin to adhering/sympathizing to that ideology. Would Poohl say the same for those  coming to a similar conclusion of those donning the symbol of the swastika?


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  1. I suppose anyone who disagrees with the left is considered (ipso facto) to be on the “extreme right”.

    That’s the mindset of these intellectual giants.

    Neverthess it’s an interesting window into the thinking of these people, while mentally wrestling with the basic conundrum of why anyone would commision and actually pay for the production of such nonsense.

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