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As conservative political analyst, radio talk show host, Mark Levin, laid it down weeks ago, the GOP should have told the public that they were for the downsizing of the taxes for the lower three tax brackets, and for keeping the two upper brackets at the present same levels, and left it at that for Obama to apporove or veto. They could have very well turned it around, dumping it into his (Obama’s) lap…but since the GOP is headed by a bunch of mealy mouthed, dithering blithering incompetents…the situation is in Zero’s favor.

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Rand Paul slams ‘spending bill’ fiscal cliff deal

Rand Paul is pictured. | AP Photo

He conceded a scaled-back deal could pass both chambers. | AP Photo

By BOBBY CERVANTES | 12/31/12 6:21 PM EST

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul said preliminary details of a potential fiscal cliff deal that emerged Monday are a “deal killer” for him because they don’t slash spending, though he conceded a scaled-back deal could pass both chambers with bipartisan support.

“Not only are they raising taxes — maybe on a smaller percentage of people but a large amount of money — but they’re also going to spend more money,” Paul said. “So it’s a spending bill.”

Paul, a tea party Republican, continued, “I object to increasing spending and increasing taxes. That’s really the real deal killer for me. If it were just tax rates, and you told me I had the choice of protecting 99 percent, I would vote … for that. Once Democrats sign on board in the House, it should pass as well.”

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