Who would have thought such a headline possible five years ago?

Nothing gives a side more resolve to fight to the end, than the knowledge that the opposition will murder you in cold blood if you fall into their hands. The below picture is of the Syrian Free Army in full regalia and with Nazi hand salutes.

syrian democrats 31.10.2012

Assad’s forces push to retake Damascus suburb

12/31/2012 14:35

Five people killed including one child, in what activists say is biggest attack on Daraya as troops try to recapture area from rebels.

Damaged buildings in Daraya near DamascusPHOTO: REUTERS

AMMAN – Heavy fighting raged on the outskirts of Damascus on Monday as elite troops backed by tanks tried to recapture a strategic suburb from rebels in one of the largest military operations in that district in months, opposition activists said.

Five people, including one child, died from army rocket fire that hit Daraya, the activists said. Daraya is one of a series of interconnected Sunni Muslim suburbs that ring Syria’s capital and have been at the forefront of the 21-month-old revolt against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“This is the biggest attack on Daraya in two months. An armored column is trying to advance but it being held (back) by the Free Syrian Army,” said Abu Kinan, an opposition activist in the area, referring to a rebel group.

He said that tens of thousands of civilians had fled Daraya during weeks of government assault but that 5,000 remained, along with hundreds of rebels. Daraya is located near the main southern highway leading to the Jordanian border 85 kms to the south.

Activists said the military is trying to push back rebels who have been slowly advancing from the outskirts of Damascus to within striking distance of central districts inhabited by Assad’s Alawite minority sect.

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  1. Exactly, to the death. You are either in with Assad to the bitter end or not. There will be no reconciliation. Assad’s military and political leaders and allied civilians know this. If the jihadists win, they must ALL flee or be tortured and murdered. There will be no reconciliation. They know it and they will fight to the bitter end. Then again, what’s not to like from the infidel’s viewpoint. Muslims killing muslims in huge numbers, and doesn’t cost the infidel anything. Sadly, the Christians will suffer greatly and die in large numbers as well.

  2. Sadly, the Christians will suffer greatly and die in large numbers as well.

    Yes indeed. In the Assad regime, they were far better off then anywhere else in the Muslim world. I really do think that they need to get off the fence and side with Assad. Its not as if the Obama regime is going to show any concern. They have nothing to loose

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