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  1. The store owner and employees are wonderful! Well done!

    Sadly, I have seen faces like these before. Those goofy grins and over excited facial expressions. They are the faces of cult members who are trained not to think or question. They are the types to drink Jim Jones poisoned Koolaide or Heaven’s Gate poisoned pudding so they can ride away on a space ship with the aliens.

    1. Yes, that was the first thing I thought,why do all these bots always look & sound the same. Surely the left’s indoctrination & brainwashing couldn’t be this successful? These people must have willing given up their right to think for themselves & use common sense….. Good for the store owners, if I had been there a few of them would have experienced more than shoves & shouts.

      1. I would gladly pay for your loss of a good shoe. 🙂

  2. Hmmmm, liberals who are tired of other liberals’ bullshit. Where’s the tolerance!?

  3. Cloudberry. You are right.

    But it’s also a put on. “See we aren’t nazi scum because we are smiling and acting all twee and whistfull”. Welp be as twee and wistfull as you like, you’re still a pack of nazi bitches anyway.

    And what’s the deal with dykes and palestinian terrorists? I think they resent that they aren’t really that much of an oppressed class deserving of self rightiousness because they’ve never actually experienced the real suffering and oppression that gay men do. It’s a perverse kind of penis envy.

    Because nobody’s ever really hated (or even cared much) about lesbians – they cast about looking for something to be affronted by and self rightious about and naturally glom onto the butchy angry arabs because they are currently (and always) the most angry.

    That’s another thing. The arab protestors are always so angry and certain. That is a VERY attractive quality to people who don’t have a grasp on their own identity. You know what I mean, the sort who waffle about over everything, lacking in personal certainty direction or will or even gender identity.

    I’ve one buddy who shocked me over his support of palestinians and just as shocking obliviousness over hamas rockets- and guess what. He’s bisexual. One day it’s this, the next it’s that. for someone who can’t even decide on slots and tabs the strident screeching certainty of a pali terrorist must be very attractive for deeply psychological reasons.

    Wow, I don’t think I’m a very nice person. I’m 100 percent right, just not very nice. Then again these candy coated bastards don’t deserve nice.

    1. I don’t think sexual persuasion has anything to do with this lunacy, as the majority of these lunatics, in general are heterosexual. I don’t see any lesbians in this video. Perhaps you have a bias?

      1. Nope no bias either way about homosexuality, though I can now see it would be very easy to conclude I have one from that post. I was positing a theory on the psychology of some people who take part in anti israel protesting – not all the rest of the subset of that grouping who don’t. I am NOT associating gender identification or strength of gender identification with good or bad- but as a factor in individual decision making.

        I was partially thinking of the traitor in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. John Le Carre was making about the character of moles, traitors etc. The character was “inbetween” and indecisive about everything including his sexuality. That character was based upon 2 real soviet moles that had been found in the british intelligence services – it wasn’t a literary invention.

        I was transposing that observation to a different situation.

        Funnily enough the bi aquantance who posted in support of palestine a few weeks ago is now posting about islamic oppression of christians in the middle east. One day it’s this, the next it’s that- in both his political views and in his personal life.

        1. And ya at least two women were gay, one being one of the leaders and the guy with green blue hair holding the camera is queer or has indeterminate gender identification. Not that it’s important enough to rewatch the video.

    2. “The arab protestors are always so angry and certain. That is a VERY attractive quality to people who don’t have a grasp on their own identity. “
      Excellent point! I think this just may be the reason why those on the far left are so attracted to dictators. Like oxes with hooks in their noses.

  4. What fun! I wish I’d been there to help with the shoving.

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