Paleostinians Palestinian Misuse of Aid Syria



This is one of the reasons why the Fakestinians (actually S.Syrians and Gaza Egyptians) need to keep the war against the Jews going, they need the West to subsidize their society, and the antisemites in the EU gladly oblige. They know that they could never depend on their Arab brothers for anything as history has shown.

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  1. This is an excellent article! The faux paleosimians are hated by the Arab world except when they can be used against Israel. Their muslim ‘brothers and sisters’ do not want them in their nations. I remember how they quickly turned into rioting mobs robbing Kuwaiti homes while Saddam was attacking this rich nation.
    In Jordan they are doing the same thing to King Abdullah II they had tried with his father. King Hussein had the strength to attack and kill them and kept them at bay for his lifetime. The paleosimians were so upset over the defeat some named themselves Black September and murdered the innocent Israeli athletes in Munich. Yeah, they make no sense. The Hashemite kingdom’s only chance of continuing is another mini-war with them.
    No one wants, respects, or likes them. They are only used to harass and murder innocent Israelis.

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