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What a jerk.

Only a dishonest scientist would deliver an analysis deprived of empirical evidence that would in the end, ultimately counter his findings. Yes a boy was killed on Nov8th, but it happened within a series of events taking place all along the Gaza border, as Hamas terrorists were trying to target IDF soldiers patrolling on the Israeli side of the security fence.


To better understand what happened in the days leading to the escalation, it is important to understand the broader context. Terror organisations in the Gaza strip had been continuously targeting military patrols along Israeli side of the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip. The incident in question, on November 8, was the fourth in a series of explosions caused by improvised explosive devices in the area over recent weeks. In the first of those recent incidents, a military vehicle was damaged. Another explosion a few days later ripped through a gate in the fence, causing severe injury to an IDF officer. Even more recently, on Tuesday, November 6, three soldiers were injured in a bomb explosion along the border fence with Gaza, which was followed by an exchange of fire.

Analysts have suggested that these constant attacks along the border fence were part of a deliberate Hamas strategy to create a new balance of power whereby Israel would effectively be forced to agree to stop patrolling the Gaza border, effectively giving Hamas a free hand to use the border region to prepare kidnappings, terror, and rocket attacks. For instance, veteran US Middle Eaat mediator Dennis Ross has written of a quest by Hamas to create a “a new normal that would prevent Israeli forces from patrolling along the security fence separating Israel from Gaza.”

This Norwegian ”expert” had to have known about these series of events, as well as knowing about the hundreds of rockets that have been pummeling the Israeli cities located within the terrorists’ reach. Or, Hoigilt was completely sealed off from this information due to the filters in place that automatically screen out any information coming from ”officially approved sources.”

Pali/Arab/Leftist sources are deemed as excellent, and anything coming from the IDF and pro-Israel sources are tossed in the trash. The same type of ”research habits” can be found in Finnish academia, with professors Hannu Juusola, Pertti Multanen and Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila committing the exact same gross errors in judgement as their colleagues in Norway. These people are ideological hacks first, the science part of their work coming in at a distant second.

NOTE:Any response from Israel against its attackers, is automatically used against it, that’s how the demonizing smear merchants work, including faux researcher, Jacob Høigilt.

Read more about it at the Norway, Israel and the Jews blog.


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  1. Jacob Høigilt’s photograph is cropped at his chin. Is that to hide his keffiyeh?
    The mahometans are almost as good at grooming and seducing leftard Pali-pals into dhimmitude as they are at grooming and seducing pre-pubescent girls into prostitution.

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