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Peace around the corner, all that’s needed is more statism!

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Håvard Hegre’s study is based upon a fiction, a fallacy, that ”more education and lower infant mortality rates produces more peaceful societies.” What the researcher fails to factor into his methodology when analyzing the data, is that the rise of democratic statist governments (which has been the increasing norm over the past 50 some years) will not translate into stable representative governments in peaceful societies in the long term. Quite the contrary.

What produces benevolent, peaceful, civil societies, is individual liberty based upon unalienable rights, free market capitalism and limited government in a true representative democracy. This is not being promoted anywhere in the world. Just look at the monstrosity of the EU and the present day U.S.

What statist/socialist societies will eventually bring, is more repression and instability when the utopia promised fails to materialize, what results will be an increase in violence domestically as well as spilling across international borders as these societies implode. The US is a prime example of a once successful state, founded upon the excellent principles of self government, its political power dispersed between three exclusive branches, an emphasis on individual liberty and freedom, protection of property rights based upon the free market system and limited governmental intrusion at the local level, now becoming a statist enterprise and in mortal danger of collapse (regardless of the fiscal cliff).

The Norwegian Professor, Håvard Hegre, is by default, a Scandinavian welfare state supporter, a statist, who’s data is evaluated through that prism which results in a faulty analysis. Hegre could never imagine a world in which government doesn’t micro-manage the individual. For a state funded Norwegian academic, governmental intrusion on all levels of society is acceptable, it’s the great equalizer, it’s to be applauded, it’s the norm.

Individual freedom and liberty, well that is something to be paid lip service to as an abstract notion to be defined by the state, in order that such ”chaos” can never threaten the stability of the state and the tranquility of society ”it alone produces”. Hegre is an utopian socialist/statist.

NOTE: On top of everything else, then there’s this thing called Islam…….


Peace in our time? Scientist makes bold prediction that war is on the wane and will halve over next 40 years

  • University of Oslo research suggests number of countries at war will fall from one in six to one in 12
  • Higher education, lower infant mortality and lower population growth are reasons why the world can expect a more peaceful future
  • Current conflicts in Libya, Tajikistan, Syria, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mauritania and Iraq will probably be over
  • The risk of conflict will be greatest in India, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia and Tanzania


PUBLISHED: 13:58 GMT, 23 November 2012 | UPDATED: 17:10 GMT, 23 November 2012

It may be difficult to believe, but according to research published next month a world without war may be getting nearer.

Futurologists from the University of Oslo in Norway and the Peace Research Institute Oslo have predicted that global conflict will halve in the next 40 years.

Their study claims the combination of higher education, lower infant mortality, smaller youth cohorts, and lower population growth are a few of the reasons why the world can expect a more peaceful future.

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8 Responses

  1. From the article :

    “The model, it is claimed, is capable of telling us what is likely to happen in the future.”?

    Not even with the most powerful computer can we predict the weather 7 day ahead.

    This is what happen when science is degraded to opinion and wishful thinking.

    1. In full agreement Santor. Beware of academics predicting the future.

  2. I think that they are going to be in for a very big shock……….

  3. Is Islam on the wane and will it halve over next 40 years?

    There is no indication of that. And Islam declared war on all mankind until the world is Islamic.

    This is another wackademic parasite who sucks on the public teat and sells pipe dreams. Too bad that he can influence young, malleable minds…..

    1. In full agreement Sheikh (PBUY), I am for the complete withdrawal of all public money from the echo quacking ivory towers of academia.

  4. Wishy-washy, limp-wristed bullshit, quite typical of World Solidarity proclaiming Third Worldists. Neo-hippie claptrap that can’t possibly be objective or test its hypotheses on facts, like real scientists do. I.e. cloud-nine, wishful thinking.

    Effing stupid, as usual…

  5. Håvard Hegre is not a scientist. He is employed in the politics department, which is generally a hotbed of Leftys.

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