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Three strikes you’re out pal.

Remember the story about the Finns who grilled bacon near a tent of asylum seeking Afghanis who are on a hunger strike? Well the plot thickens. The Finnish Lutheran Church which manages Finn Church Aid is making a plea for the men’s case, but in the Finnish Green party’s paper, Vihreä Lanka, it becomes known that the men have tried elsewhere in Scandinavia, and have been denied by all.

Looks like the case against them is pretty strong, but they keep at it till someone finally is soft headed enough to take up their case. This is one of those situations where you just have to believe the officials who handle these cases, seeing that they have allowed many to stay, and haven’t a problem with letting in more, except the cases that are more than suspicious.

NOTE: I smell flimflam here. And another thought occurs. This is a healthy man, why isn’t he defending his own country from the jihadi Taliban?

More here in Finnish.

H/T: Kumitonttu

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  1. All these Afghanis, Pakistanis, Palestinians, Iraqis, Somalis etc would like to live in Christendom as their own sharia countries are hellholes. But the moment they get clearance to stay here, they start the same Islamic BS that got their own countries in the mess they are.

  2. In Holland mainly Somali asylumseekers are holding a hungerstrike. But there still eating soup though, because they argued that soup is not real food. Hilarious.

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