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I have a better idea.

Anyone in politics or in government responsible for, or in support of, the policies resulting in the importing of Muslims into Denmark, should be forced to take up residence there, including their families, and become ”a bridge” between to the two societies.

H/T & upload: Vlad

4 Responses

  1. Multiculturalist utopia is fine for the masses, but not for the politicians propagating it, oh no (!) Of course, we all know why : PC politicians need to be proved right at any cost, this stupid doctrine they have concocted has to be implemented, they desperately NEED it to work in practice. Hence the irony ensues whereby the very coercion of the general public turns into the most tangible proof of the innate fear our own “elites” have of the horrific consequences the multicultural failure wreaks on our societies, exposing them as the inane hypocrites they have always been deep down. PC MC is elitist, self-aggrandizing wankery, a self-delusional doctrine that can no longer be sold to the general public as something that could actually reap the rewards it professes to bestow on us.

    An empty box full of wishful thinking and no solid, verifiable content plucked from thin air, PC MC is the hobby-horse of egomaniacs and narcissists sitting on an ivory tower looking down their noses in utter disdain for the very people they claim to represent.

  2. Why don’t we pay Muslims to leave the country instead? That would be good for everyone.

  3. I think the multicultural elitists should show their citizens the way and move into the muslim enclaves themselves first. Show the un-enlightened ones the way.

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