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This is what happens when part-time antisemites use situations like these to prove their Leftist credentials, but then act true to form and use the memorial to denigrate the Jewish state or for their own agendas.

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Kristallnacht without Jews

Published 11/08/2012

Manifestations in remembrance of the Nazi pogrom of 1938 have become a playground for gays, lesbians, Muslims and leftists

This weekend, the world remembers the infamous Nazi pogrom of Kristallnacht. In Malmö and Helsingborg the manifestations take place – without Jews.

“We haven’t been asked to participate this year. In previous years we’ve elected not to take part, because we felt the event has become too politically biased,” says Fredrik Sieradzki, spokesperson for the Jewish Congregation in Malmö.

The manifestation to be held at Malmö’s Gustav Adolfs square on November 9th is a joint effort arranged by, among others, the Social Democratic Party, the Swedish Left Party, the Iranian-Swedish society, RFSL (an organization for homo-, bisexual and transgender people) and various local union chapters. In previous years, the Jewish Congregation has been invited to participate, but declined on the grounds of keeping their political independence. And this year, they weren’t even asked.

“We didn’t feel there was any point in asking, since we know their attitude. It’s a pity things turned out this way. Sure, the organizers are politically left-wing, but this isn’t an election rally. The purpose isn’t to advertise any particular political opinions, but to take a stand for the equal worth of all humans,” says Susanne Lund at ABF (Workers’ Education Union) in Malmö, one of the organizers.

The Jewish Congregation of Northwestern Skåne received an invitation to participate in a meeting in Helsingborg to be held on November 11th. The organizers, the municipal red and green parties, wanted Jewish, Muslim and non-denominational representatives at the meeting. Congregation president Jussi Tyger didn’t mince words in his e-mail reply:

”Thank you for the invitation. During the twenty years I’ve been an active member of the Jewish Congregation of Northwestern Skåne, we have never, as far as I can recall, enjoyed any positive feedback or support from you and your group. On the contrary.

“A constant, radical leftist denunciation of the State of Israel, and an equally constant pro-Palestine viewpoint can hardly be regarded as anything other than an insult to the Jewish people and the whole Jewish establishment. Furthermore, I fail to see how the Muslims could bring anything to the table at a meeting themed Kristallnacht, other than serving the interests of the leftists.”

“I was completely taken aback, so my tone may have come out a little more brusque than intended,” says Jussi Tyger to Dispatch International.

“I’ve got nothing against cross cultural events, but not in this context. I see Kristallnacht as a purely Jewish matter and I felt unsure of their intentions. This feels like the wrong forum for this kind of thing, and arouses suspicions that there are people out there trying to take advantage of Kristallnacht to meet their own propagandizing ends.”

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3 Responses

  1. The same thing happened in Holland. People of some extreme Leftist groups pretty much took over the Kristallnacht memorial night. Those groups also participate in anti-Israel demonstrations which sometimes turn out to be down right anti-Jewish.

  2. “We haven’t been asked to participate this year.” OMG! I think the world is going mad.
    I am very happy the Jewish community is standing strong with a boycott but that isn’t enough. They need to be extremely loud and out in full force at the entrance of the building where this will take place. Bring all Christians who love and support Israel with you!

    The true goal of all this abuse is to say such events of rememberance are unnecessary because even the members of the Jewish community do not show up.

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