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The GOP has to be either rooted out from any last vestiges of RINO’ism, or a new party founded, there is no other alternative to the present status quo situation. As Mark Levin recently stated:

We are conservatives, we do not accept bipartisanship in the pursuit of tyranny. Period.

Obama’s Victory

by Srdja Trifkovic • November 7, 2012 • Printer-friendly

The conventional wisdom is simple: when there is an uninspiring incumbent and a lackluster challenger, the people will opt for the incumbent.
The formula is unsatisfactory in this case, however.

Obama was not just any incumbent. He is the embodiment of an anti-America–culturally, spiritually and morally—that is hell-bent on destroying the surviving vestiges of real America.

Romney was not just any challenger. He was a pastiche, an oddly vacuous character whose tenuous appeal to the minds of the regular people was offset by their hearts’ awareness that he was not one of them. It was an awful choice to make: voting for him, or voting for a harmless loser, or not voting at all.

Romney lost because the real America did not trust him to stand up to anti-America. The Republic lost for the same reason the Roman Republic lost the Civil War: it did not have a true champion in the ring.

The scene is deceptively déjà-vu. Some perennial optimists I know have tried to explain Obama’s victory in 2008 as the result of a combination of unique factors, including an unelectable GOP candidate and an equally understandable GWB fatigue.

This time the verdict needs to be harsher. Just over one-half of the voters chose the man who has shown his true colors over the past four years. It is a sure sign of a terminally diseased polity.

The results are depressingly predictable. Barack Hussein Obama’s forthcoming mass amnesty of some tens of millions of unassimilable, semi-literate Third-Worlders will guarantee further watering down of the real America he hates with a passion. And yes, GOP “strategists” duly will start pandering to them.

The Supreme Court will get some Wise Latina-lookalikes to replace Scalia and Kennedy, and support Obama’s agenda on abortion, affirmative action, employee and property rights, homosexual “marriage,” federal campaign-finance reform law, union contributions, voting identification laws, Obamacare…

GOP strategists will quickly learn to live with all that, too, thus ensuring that every new stage of our accelerating collapse is treated as the new center ground. Dissenters will be unwelcome: questioning GOP’s acceptance of “Gay Marriage” and the Dream Amnesty four years hence will be as heretical as questioning our self-defeating global hegemony is today. The focus in 2016 will be on the deficit—likely to exceed the science-fictional twenty thousand billion dollars by that time—and on Obama’s failure to reassert America’s global power with sufficient gusto.

The Stupid Party is evil, in consequences if not intent. The Evil Party is doing its thing, as always. And the world is going to the dogs, it seems.

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