The event sounds like something that should be arranged everywhere in the West. The more people become aware of sharia, the more they come to loathe it.

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Many of the exhibits at the festival highlighted the dangers of sharia compliance.  They illustrated the misery and suffering that sharia law can and does cause.  The exhibition draws attention the dangers of the misguided pro sharia policies of governments across the once free world.  These governments are not even willing to pause to contemplate the consequences of their actions.  It seems that government for the people and by the people has come to an end across the entire Western world.

Passion For Freedom Art Festival Success

By Aeneas • on November 5, 2012

ICLA’s Chris Knowles outside the event venue

Last Saturday senior members of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) were honoured to accept invitations to attend the Passion for Freedom art festival. This prestigious art festival took place in the centre of the British capital.  It is an important annual event that draws attention to increasingly ignored human rights issues.

As a human rights organisation that aims to uphold democracy, freedom and individual liberties, ICLA attaches great importance to such cutting edge events. Events that highlight our current slide into tyranny are now more vital than ever.

Only a few years ago human rights abuses were something mostly associated with countries outside the West.  Now these abuses are a common feature in places like London, a city that was once famed throughout the world for its liberty, democracy, and tolerance. What has changed?

The current decline of basic human rights seems to coincide with the rise of sharia compliance in modern Britain.  Countries with sharia culture have never being beacons of human rights yet Western governments increasingly look to sharia as the basic human rights standard.

As a result of sharia compliance Britain is now a country of speech codes, censorship, and laws that curtail and criminalize basic freedoms. Sharia enforces second class status on women and non-Muslims, it opposes freedom of speech, and it is a source of cruel and unusual punishments. Nevertheless, it is promoted by an out of touch political elite that is increasingly drunk with power. It is promoted contrary to the will of the population.

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