This is a very amazing accounting of what took place in Britain while the rest of the West was figuratively sleeping. British freedoms are under assault, and the UK political elite seem all too willing to crush every last strand of dissent. The EDL and British Freedom stands in the breech for the rest of us here in Europe, never forget that.

NOTE: An excellent piece by Pamela Geller.

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Darkness Descending in England

By Pamela Geller

The arrest of over 53 people in the United Kingdom is the beginning of the end for once-great Britain. The leaders of the English Defence League (EDL), Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, were among those arrested, as well as Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party (BFP). I spoke with Kevin Carroll about his recent arrest and that of Robinson and Weston, and he told me the appalling details.

Carroll told me that British authorities tried everything in the book to stop him from running for police and crime commissioner (PCC) for the Bedfordshire Police Authority. Nonetheless, he officially won the right to run for PCC last Friday. But then, the very next day, British authorities carried out these mass arrests of EDL and BFP members, stripping them and forcing them to wear white paper overalls like those given to incarcerated terrorists. They were allowed no phone calls.

Meanwhile, British police raided the homes of Carroll, Robinson, and three others who had been arrested. “They absolutely ransacked mine,” Carroll told me. “They smashed the door off and wrecked my home. They took my only vehicle, with all the tools of my trade inside, and impounded it, as well as Tommy’s car.” The police, the bomb squad, forensics teams, and sniffer dogs spent seven and a half hours stripping Carroll’s van to the bone. “When they finished,” he said, “they found nothing! They loaded it up with bugs and GPS monitors and threw everything in the back; it looks like it’s been in a blender.”

After smashing the door to Carroll’s home off its hinges, police officials repaired it, got a locksmith to put on a new lock, and left with the new keys, leaving Carroll locked out of his own home. When Carroll was released, still wearing his white paper prison suit, it was dark and raining; true to form, police officials offered him no transportation, even though it was late at night on a Sunday.

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  1. I, for one, have stopped all international travel. Once arrested at immigration in the UK, I learned how the Brits have mastered rudeness to the level of an art form. At one time I thought about being an ex-pat in the UK. Wowsers! Close call and blessed beyond belief to have avoided that attraction. We are not there yet, but the potential still remains here in the US. It is so hard to believe that the Brits, who almost became a German speaking nation, with all their experience and history would succumb to the tyranny of tyrants is mind numbing and disheartening. I pray for the true British people to be able to overcome these darkest of days!

  2. What did we expect? Of course the authorities are going to attack EDL. If they didn’t, that would mean that they think the EDL is harmless, and can be ignored.

    The fact that EDL , Génération Identitaire, as well as a group in Germany, have been rounded up and imprisoned, should be taken as a compliment.

    The real question is how these groups, or at least their leaders react.

    There is a tendency to assume that the ruling leadership is profoundly evil, when they oppose EDL. They are not. They are just being political. What they want is to determine what rules are going to hold.

    The ball is now in the EDL camp. They can play tough by several means, each having an advantage. Or they could appease the authorities. This also has tactical advantages.

    Whatever, this is not a time for being downhearted. Far from it.

  3. If Kevin Carroll wins the election, will the votes in his favor be ‘lost’ or will he be prevented from taking office? It’s so difficult to imagine the Govt in the UK being so corrupt. I’m very sorry to read about it.

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