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This is how Obama is increasingly being viewed by the Jewish community, his pandering is falling on more deaf ears.

Team O’s Jewish woes

Debate exposed an obvious fear

  • Last Updated: 12:51 AM, October 24, 2012

It was not surprising that President Obama took the opportunity to say kind things about Israel during Monday’s debate — which after all was held in Boca Raton, the Mecca (if you will) of Jewish retirement communities.

It was surprising that he brought up Israel a second time. And a third. And a fourth. And a fifth. Indeed, he brought up Israel so often, you might have thought he actually liked the place.

How he really feels about Israel isn’t the point. The point is the president wantspeople in the United States to think he likes it. He wants them to think it very much. Very, very, very much.

He wants them to think he believes Israel is “our greatest ally in the region” when only a few months ago he had described it merely as “one of our allies in the region.” He wants them to think he’s responsible for “unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation” with Israel when in fact he’s merely continued his predecessor’s policies.

He wanted to let them know Israel and the United States are going to be engaging any day now in the largest joint military exercise ever—which led the Obamaphilic but puckish journalist Jeffrey Goldberg to tweet, “What a coincidence that the joint Israel-US exercise is taking place this very week.”

The president mentioned Israel, or brought Israel up in other contexts, 11 times during the debate. He didn’t mention Europe, which is in a spot of bother. He didn’t mention North Korea, which you’ll remember once seemed to be a big deal. He didn’t mention Japan.

No, this small country was, along with Iran and China and Libya, the most dominant topic.

Obama’s determination to make the case that he is Israel’s closest pal is the most potent sign yet that something significant — and potentially threatening to Obama’s re-election hopes — is going on inside the American Jewish community.

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  1. Jews are very intelligent people. If they think that Obama is good for Jews and Israel, it must be so.

  2. President O’Bama’s problems are not with the Jewish vote. In 2008, he fell below the typical 80% required for a Democrat to win the White House. He won because Blacks turned up at the polls in record numbers to vote for him

    Fast forward to 2012 and the novelty of a Black President has worn off in the Black-American community. Moreover, blacks have not seen much, if any benefit to having a Black President. If Black turnout on Election Day falls back to pre-2008 levels, the drop in the Jewish vote could be crippling.

    President O’Bama’s problem is not the eroding support of Jewish voters. His problem is the eroding support of Black voters.

    1. I have amply posted exactly on that point as well. This just happens to focus on the Jewish support for Obama, I would also be interested in seeing if the Latino vote for Obama has taken a big hit as well. Obama’s failed policies have so crossed over all the demographic lines, I see bleeding of votes coming on all fronts…even women, in spite of the dangling of free contraceptives…what a contemptible man.

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