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My fears about Muslims applying for hunting licenses in Norway were not unfounded, here is the latest from the Norwegian Muslim fundamentalist wasteland. No reason is given as to why he is so open about his intentions on his Facebook page, perhaps hoping to be a martyr for the cause after being picked up, tried and sentenced to jail for obvious incitement to murder.

UPDATE: Arrested.

UPDATE II: 100 000 ‘Norwegians’ support attack on Oslo synagogue

NOTE: The article is Google translated and will be updated with a fresh human translation when readied.


(Dagbladet): “I will ‘protect’ them all right, inshAllah. As soon as I have passed the hunter’s certificate test and got my hands on an AK47. These pigs belong to an occupying power, Israel, and in addition they have occupied our mosque, Al-Aqsa “

This is written by Ubaydullah Hussain (27) in a post on the page of the ‘Prophet Ummah ” group on Facebook, of which he is spokesman.

He links the connection to a news article on the AP, where Jews in Norway miss police protection.

Sources who are close to Hussain confirmed to Dagbladet that he deliberately want to provoke the Norwegian society and that the statements on the Internet Wednesday night must be viewed in the context of it.

There is reason to believe that he would be arrested by the police. What is the reason for this rather unusual desire is unknown, but it may give the status of the small Islamist extremist environment.

Several of his friends have gone to Syria to participate in the ongoing conflict.

“Ya Allah, make the dirty Jews out of the mosque and give us the opportunity to pray salah in the masjid Al-Aqsa before our death. Amiin!! They are killers of our prophets! Who kills the prophets?? “Writes Hussain on.

Dagbladet is aware that Hussain is regarded as one of the leaders in the small extremist Islamist scene in Norway.

– PST (Police Security Service) know what this man has stated on the Internet. We don’t wish to make any other comments about this right now, chief of information in PST, Martin Bernsen, expressed to Dagbladet.

Talking to NRK, Hussain doesn’t rule out another attack on the synagogue in Oslo.

– As long as a group or a nation is in the physical war with Islam, they are our enemies, says Hussain told NRK.

Spreading fear

The leader of the Mosaic Faith Society, Ervin Kohn, reacts strongly.

– This is extremely serious and it’s not supposed to be like this in Norway. It is the responsibility of the police to look after us, but we feel we’re not being listened to, Kohn said to Dagbladet.

Murder threats are spreading fear in the Jewish community.


– We have a kindergarten in the synagogue with approximately 30 children. I’ve been called up by several worried parents who are wondering if it’s okay to let the children go to kindergarten. What am I supposed to answer them? Kohn asks, who feels he would be responsible for the children’s lives if the threats should become reality.

Private security guards

Kohn wants closer cooperation with the police.

– Not once have we been contacted by police, who keep reassuring us that we are safe. I wish police would call and inform us about the death threats; instead I get this information from a journalist, says Kohn.

The Jewish community has found it necessary to hire their own private guards.

– We have included access control and physical barriers to the synagogue, but it’s not optimal. It is a huge financial burden on us when we are only about 700 members. Almost all contributions we receive goes to this emergency service, says Kohn.

It has not succeeded Dagbladet to get in touch with Ubaydullah Hussain.

Original source in Norwegian

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  1. Mr. Ubaydullah Hussain should be aware that there are wild beasts in the Scandinavian wilderness. Go hunting and you may be the victim.

    1. Good one Bo. I guess there are bears that might be coming out of hibernation and looking for a juicy (or not so juicy) morsel?

  2. Now the Jews killed Muhammad, good to learn it, i though he fly to haven on his horse

  3. Islam at its finest. This is not radical Islam people! This is how it’s supposed to be practiced. This is what their non-existing Allah calls for. The man is just following his fairy tale hate speech.

    Murder/execute Jews, Christians, non-believers, infidels, apostates, whoever the f*** they can pin down and behead.

  4. Those beasts are awake and aware of this filthy islamic infestation in beautiful Norway.
    Odin’s sons are ready!

  5. Look, folks, it’s abundantly clear that these people only belong on a desert island surrounded by shark infested waters, with no boats and no materials for building boats.

    How do you get through to the typical Norwegian about what a menace these people are??

    Unfortunately Scandanavian writers of crime fiction (of whom I am a great fan) are mostly leftards as far as I know.

    I know this suggestion sounds fanciful, but maybe someone like Jo Nesbo (Norwegian living in Oslo) could turn his talents to a series of crime fiction novels that draw out the pernicious and destructive impact these people are having on society; other media are surely needed that by-pass the dopey mains stream hacks who are in the tank with leftist politicians.

    I would also recommend stringent psychological screening of all would be immigrants to identify dysfunctional, lying, and outright socially deviants applicants.

  6. Norway, wake up before its too late! You MUST stop all muslim immigration otherwise your cities will become like those here in the UK, overflowing with muslims who hate everything you live and work for including your freedoms.

    To allow immigrants the right to own guns – especially radicals – is insane in this day and age. Over here they are a danger to the population and we don’t have the gun freedoms that you have. Don’t give them the legal right to buy guns that they WILL use against non-muslims! They are crazy enough to do it in the name of their paedophile prophet.

  7. I was going to write more or less what Rob wrote so wont repeat his post but I really am beginning to think Norway has lost it, are you serious you are going to give one of these maniacs a gun licence, that is total madness..

  8. The Jews have to take the facilities of defence in their own hands and not depend on others. That means: own trained security guards b) technical defence (camera’s, electronic gear etc.). I am sure they have enough professionals who can aid the community with know-how. c) training members in combat tactics like Krav Maga and training children and youth (on daily basis) in sports like Karate, Thai Quan Do and kick boxing. In our Darwinist world only the fittest survives.
    On the long run Jews who want to live further in Norway, can better move to white European area’s of the country; towns and small communities where the majority of population is still of local Norwegians and b) vote for the ‘Progress Party’ of Siv Jensen. In the near by future they should be the liberators of the country.

  9. That filthy koranimal is sporting a nice beard…

  10. If Norwegians allow cretins like this into their country, I fear they are stepping back centuries. We must learn from the past if we are not to be doomed repeating it.

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