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The evil blood thirsty Jooooooooos…..

Just for everyone’s information, when judging Israel’s military response to Arab violence, the Allied forces, (not to mention the Arab states’ bloodletting of their own people and that of neighboring lands) response to the aggression of the Axis powers in WWII, was far more disproportionate (as it should be) than to anything Israel has done. 

To understand the rules of law, disproportionate use of power is not illegal, if the end goal can justify the present military operation. The US’s dropping a couple of nukes on Japan, was ”disproportionate”, but the end goal outweighed the operation’s massive destruction. Lives were saved, dramatically, by the mission over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Jenkins is an antisemitic, disingenuous jerk, which is reason why he excelled so well within the halls of the UN.

Peter Jenkins and the Bloodthirsty Jews

JPOST’s Sam Westrop:

Peter Jenkins is a former British diplomat. At one point, he was the British chief negotiator at the International Atomic Energy Agency. He is a favourite guest of television news producers – a putatively respectable apologist for the Iranian regime, obsessively anti-Israel – odious views shrouded by his supposedly sage diplomatic chatter. Most importantly, Peter Jenkins is an anti-Semite.

At times, however, Jenkins is not even a particularly good anti-Semite. The less-stupid ones wrap usually their bigotry in modish political anti-Israel rhetoric. Occasionally, they let slip their real feelings. Jenkins, it turns out, is a traditional anti-Semite who thinks of Jews as perpetrating medieval cruelties and amassing influence and power.

According to a second year student at the University of York, when Jenkins addressed a group of York-based Stop the War members (Stop the War is a perfect example of a far-Left – Islamist alliance), he allegedly referred frequently to the “Jewish lobby”.

Another incident is now all on video. In a debate at the University of Warwick, in which my friend and colleague Jonathan Sacerdoti spoke, Jenkins said the following:


There’s also of course the risk of Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon, who are said to have 40,000 rockets, attacking population centres in Israel. But personally I don’t rate that very high because the Iranians and Hezbollah know that these days the Israelis don’t practise an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, they practise ten eyes for an eye and ten teeth for a tooth. The idea that a just war requires a use of force to be proportionate seems to be a Christian notion and not a Jewish notion.

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  1. Me thinks the International Atomic Energy Agency has always been a nest of vipers.

    On the contrary; its not Jews who are plotting, but all these creepy UN affiliated organisations whose purpose is either dubious or perverted, just like the creeps who pull the strings in it.

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