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Stupid is as stupid does.

In what should be a classic case of buyers remorse, Instead, a convert to islam beaten for some deviation from the sharia digs in his heels, ”I may be beaten, but I’m not out”. Gee, you would think that he would wise up a bit and smell something afoul after having the crap beaten out of him. Mecca Syndrome?

He said he contacted a sheik the next day to ask about the lashings “and if it was for real. I explained to him what had happens and he told me, he goes it was wrong, it was wrong for them (to do it),” he said.

Eh, what the Imam didn’t tell him was that in an Islamic state with the sharia courts going full chug, he would have the crap beaten out of him anyway. The men may have erred due to not acting  on a sharia court’s verdict, but in practice delivered islamic ”justice”

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    He has no choice. Idiot.

    Always read the small print.

  2. This is why Islam attracts the stupid, gullible, impressionable and the sadists of the west to convert. It’s by Islam is so popular amongst prisoners and neo-nazis. It is after all an ideology that, with the exeption of the USA which attracts Indian Muslim elites, Muslims are he lowest educated, poorest people in every other society they reside forming an underclass throughout the west be it Pakistani in inbreds in the UK or Lebanese thugs in Sydney, Algerian arsonists in France or Turkish mafiosa in Germany. The same is true throughout Africa and Asia where with the exception of the lucky lazy oil rich Muslims are dominated by hardworking people’s like the Chinese in Malaysia (so much so they imposed quotas against the Chinese) and almost all of the poorest counties in the world are not coincidently Muslim. Muslims give almost no charity to non-Muslim contrives yet their sense of entitlement means they expect the west to support them their corrupt and bedraggled shitholes such as Bangladesh and….well every country without oil. The only exceptions are those countries, such as Central Asia, that either through traditional heretical Sufism or western influence are more liberal and more free and successful yet even their wahabists are dragging them back to the stone…or bomb…age.

  3. Does anyone notice that Islam preys on the dregs of society, or those who come from broken, or disfunctional homes? These people are not unlike those who join gangs looking for a place to belong, or a surrogate family? I bet they deceived this idiot by giving him a watered down version of the quran in order that he would believe Islam is a peaceful religion. I bought a more authentic translation comparable to the one used in the middle east, from Usama Dadkok ‘Straight Way Ministries.’ So now I own the watered down version of the Quran, which I had used in Islamic studies in college, in a class that was taught subjectively by a Muslim from the middle east, (he is no longer there, as he was fired for attempting to force none muslims to attend mosque) and I have the real deal from Usama Dadkok. What a striking difference between each of these Qurans. Islam must be erradicated, as it is a religion that refuses to coexist with anything outside of itself.

  4. Why did he convert if he didn’t know enough about Islam?

    Don’t tell me his Muslim friends didn’t tell him that if he leaves Islam he could be killed?

    Shouldn’t warning bells go in your head if you know about this? If he learned more about Islam he would be so disgusted with the sick religion/political Islam. Only someone stupid enough would know this and convert!

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