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  1. Perhaps the most striking thing about the Arabs is how entitled and ungreatful they are. Arab apologists go on and on about how Arab culture is about treating guests well and likewise respecting hosts but in reality when the host is an “infidel” they have NO respect for the Swedes and French.

    The second thing is how depressing this is. How the European elites seem to be causing their own future civil wars by importing problems Europe doesn’t need. I feel sorry for the grandchildren of Europeans who will have to live in cities in Europe with unassimilated Muslim majorities with no respect for European traditions, values, culture or language.

    The ironic thing is it takes another “semitic” culture to point this out to the Eurodhimmis but the truth is its not just Jews pointing this out its Assyrian Christians, Copts, Lebanese Christians etc etc. Wake up Europe.

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