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You know its bad when a genocide promoting organization full of black booted seig heil saluting Islamonazi fanatics are having problem with extremists.

After having given these small upstart jihadi groups a wink and a nod to launch missiles and rockets from Gaza at Israel as their proxy, the Hamas now finds their own power base challenged. It’s hard for us to understand how there could be even more fanatical organizations emerging within the Hamas run Gaza Strip, but that’s the case.

NOTE: Yoser Kuperwasser, Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, offers no recipe for defeating the menace, but is just stating the facts as they are. In a more sane world, the Israelis would be freed from international constraints and release the power of its full might upon these fanatics as much as the Allied forces did upon Germany and Japan during WWII. Being totally ground into dust will take the fight out of anyone.

War will not resolve Gaza problem – Israeli official

By Crispian Balmer

JERUSALEM | Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:02pm BST

(Reuters) – A major Israeli attack on Gaza would not curb growing extremism in the Palestinian enclave, with the ruling Islamist group Hamas itself struggling to quell radicalism, a senior Israeli official said on Wednesday.

Voicing concern about a recent influx of increasingly potent weaponry into the Gaza Strip, the director of Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs told reporters that international pressure was needed to try to put an end to militancy.

Yosef Kuperwasser said more than 800 rockets and mortar rounds had been fired into southern Israel since the start of the year, with organisations such as the Islamic Jihad taking over from Hamas as the main perpetrators of these attacks.

Israel has regularly targeted Palestinian militants in the coastal territory, and on Saturday killed two men identified as the most senior al Qaeda affiliates in Gaza.

But in a rare admission of the limitations of Israeli firepower, Kuperwasser said military might would not solve the root causes.

“If worst comes to worst, we can (launch) a much wider operation in Gaza. But that is not going to really solve the problem,” he said.

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  1. Different strains of Islamic supremacy and extremism fighting one another, sounds like standard Islamic history repeating itself. I always find it pretty interesting to think that Jihadis seem to be forever unable to establish or consolidate the universal caliphate well before they can annihilate the opposition’s “exegetes”. (hahaha…euphemisms, eh ?)

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