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We can’t afford this guy a second term.

The indispensable Barry Rubin:

Preview of the Next Four Years?: Obama Administration Doubles Down on Middle East Policy Errors

By Barry Rubin

There are two problems with current U.S. policy toward the Middle East: the analysis and strategy aren’t just wrong, they make things in the region much worse.

The White House has supported the antisemitic, anti-American Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria; insisted the Brotherhood is moderate; gave untrained, unreliable Libyans control over the U.S. ambassador’s security leading to his death; denied revolutionary Islamists attacked the U.S. embassy and ambassador in Libya for reasons having nothing to do with a California video; apologized for the video in a way that escalated the crisis elsewhere; wrong claimed al-Qaida is finished; etc.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration responds with a democracy-will-solve-everything approach which the same people ridiculed when President George W. Bush advocated it. The errors are deepened in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s latest defense of these wrong-headed policies in a speech given at my first employers, the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC.

Her argument is that the United States should ignore violence and extremism and help build democracies. The problem is that most of the violence and extremism comes from forces that the Obama Administration supports or groups basically allied with those forces.

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