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UPDATE: The most important part of Gingrich’s talk, was his pointing out that Obama doesn’t act like a commander-in-chief, he doesn’t take the time to discuss the day to day developments around the world with his security advisers etc., he’s got more important things on his mind, which he sucks at as well.

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  1. BBC News Oct 16 2012 Hillary falls on sword.
    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says she takes responsibility for the failure in security at the US consulate in Benghazi, where the US ambassador to Libya was killed last month.
    Mrs Clinton said ensuring the safety of US diplomatic staff overseas was her job, not that of the White House.

    It comes ahead of the second campaign debate between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.
    Republicans are heaping blame on the administration – and specifically on the White House itself, says the BBC’s Adam Brookes in Washington.
    In interviews, Mrs Clinton appeared to acknowledge that she was trying to shield the president, our correspondent says.
    With the next debate between Mr Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, only hours away, it seems Mrs Clinton is trying to draw criticism away from Mr Obama, who needs a strong debate performance if he is to recover his lead in the polls, he adds.

    Mrs Clinton said she was focused on tracking down the killers of the US ambassador to Libya and bringing them to justice.
    “I don’t think we want to get into any blame game. …….!

    1. Hi Tom, hillary is in fact shielding Barry from any deserved flak for the benghazi incident. She is also throwing her bid for 2016 elections down the toilet as well. When its all said and done, this latest move will not help Obummer.

      1. I think Hillary’s decided that she wouldn’t remain as Secretary of State, whatever the outcome of the presidential election.

  2. Rumor has it that Ambassador Stevens was supposed to be taken hostage, and the kenyan fraud was to be heralded by the msm for exhibiting consistent bravery in Ambassador Stevens rescue. CNN revealed the Ambassador’s alleged diary when the plan didn’t turn out as anticipated. Think about that . .. CNN managed to obtain these documents but the FBI was held up for two weeks from access. The enemy now potentially has the identity of every Libyan who worked with American diplomats. The same enemy which allegedly reciprocated the treatment ultimately received by Gaddafi at the time of his demise. . .much to the celebratory amusement of Hillary.
    The current administrations re-election plans for an October surprise was the obstacle preventing increased security for this ambassador. The assault was live video-cast by drone, and caught the unsuspecting fools in the White House by surprise. Their grand October surprise, complete with film preview as excuse for widespread anti-first amendment violent protests . . .blew up in their faces.

    It is also why the White House was dazed and confused by the actual events. It wasn’t going to be a bloody sacrifice, just a taking of prisoners. This administration is hoping for a viable fall guy, with Hillary attempting to take the hit sans acceptance of any consequence to herself.
    Watergate didn’t spill any blood. Benghazi’s-October-surprise-gone-bad resulted in the violent death of four Americans. If this rumor is confirmed as fact, this ‘plan’ should cost this administration and it’s enablers to endure far more extensive torment than a lost election.

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