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I know just who to call…..


Ok,…I know what the cardboard sign really meant to imply,  some bad vibes in the place due to some perceived hardships they are confronted with, but it sure beats living in the open spaces now, doesn’t it? Though doth complain too much.

H/T: Vlad, translation Laudahn via Fjordman

Asylum seekers protesting

ASYLUM DISTRESS: Those living at Glava asylum castle, Arvika, demonstrated monday against their living conditions. Apparently, they are used to a better standard from their MENA home countries than what this castle environment, surrounded by a beautiful nature, can offer.

It is not totally clear what they concretely are more displeased with, but starting from the hand-witten cardboard pieces displayed by the demonstrators, we can conclude that the issue is that the castle ghost does not like the new guests. On one of the signs it says that they cannot sleep at night, and on another (see image above), we can read as follows: ‘In this hotel is the presence of a bad spirit!!!

And we don’t want to live here’ Police have now come into contact with Migrationsverket, in order to ‘colaborate with them in this matter’.  If this is to be interpreted as a prescription for making a call to Ghostbusters or the P4 editors at Det Okända [the unknown, swedish tv programme] for a ghost exorcism, is unknown while we write these lines. It is likewise unclear if the demonstrations are related to the knife and abuse attack that occurred yesterday at the castle.

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  1. How to you fight off bad spirits?
    Burning lavender incense around the room or home.
    Try sprinkling some pine around your house or space.
    Pray them out, use anointed oils, or recast it using a spell.
    Use banishing spell. It is simple, and can be done at home. Or you can imagine white light flowing through your body and cleansing evil.
    Holy water in water balloons and water guns. Crosses, and praying to your Lord.
    Hope this helps.

  2. The only bad spirit in the room is you, when you leave it will be gone! And Allah can’t help you get rid of the bad spirit, because he made you into that bad spirit.

  3. They do not understand the concept of gratitude. No doubt the tarffickers whom they padi to get them here promised soft beds, their own apartments and lots of free money.
    If they are not satisfied they can go back whence they came

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