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When fighting an enemy like this (below pic), using methods that increase the risk to themselves, to help lower civilian casualties who are protecting the terrorists, says far more about the IDF morality than the thugs they’re fighting.

The tortured history of what happened at the Jenin refugee camp in 2002, in the disputed territories of Judea and Samaria, has become a golden goose of propaganda for those who love to hate Israel. When one wades through the BS and insists on actual facts to prove what actually happened, the Arabs’ narrative falls flat on its face.

You finished your reserves service five years ago, and now you only serve in emergencies. How would you summarize your time in the IDF?

For me, being a reserve soldier is not a duty or a burden — it’s a privilege


How long did the fighting last? How did you experience Operation Defensive Shield?

It took us nine days of nonstop work to clear Jenin of terrorists, because we used a system of door-to-door fighting and warned the residents of every house before we attacked. The fight was dangerous, because the enemy could ambush us when we entered each house. We went into the fight knowing the price for us would be high.

It was tough going, even though most of Jenin’s residents left the area before we arrived. Instead of there being about 13,000 people in the area, only 1,300 were waiting for us — most of them terrorists and collaborators. We knew that we would suffer many casualties and injuries.

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  1. The moral is that when dealing with Jihadis, what appear to be civilians are actually Jihadis.

    So why take a risk to save someone who will, now or at some future date, shoot or bomb you or yours.

  2. How very Jewish and how very Israeli that an IDF reserve is also a high achiever, a paediatric endocrinologist, nonetheless.
    This is typical of Israelis and the reason why Israel is a nation of pioneers, scientists and generally successful people.
    Israel is a nation that actually benefits mankind, and worth more than every single Muslim Arab shithole put together. How unfortunate that the Leftist retards cannot see this.

    1. I totally agree 🙂

      Israel and Israelis are an example to be followed by any country or human being.

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