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Freedom from Islam is the fundamental freedom of our time. It is the freedom in whose shelter America can still be America.  It is the freedom on which all other freedoms depend.

Freedom from Islam

October 16, 2012 By 

In 1941, FDR proposed his famous Four Freedoms. Some seventy years later it may be time to add a fifth freedom to that list. Freedom from Islam.

Freedom from Islam would have seemed like an unlikely candidate back in 1941 when the worry was over secular ideologies, but as the West and its ideologies have fallen into a soporific state of decline, the fascism that concerns us no longer wears a military uniform or any of the trappings of nationalism, but instead wraps itself in the turban of religion.

Of those four freedoms, three are directly endangered by Islam. We have seen Freedom of Speech being burned in effigy across the Muslim world, and even in the urban centers of Western nations. The Muslim bomb plots aimed at synagogues and the specter of America’s first, albeit unofficial, blasphemy trial, warns us that our Freedom of Worship is also under threat.

Coptic Christians, who for many centuries were forced to live in an atmosphere of terror, subject, like all Christians in the Muslim world, to blasphemy trials as tools of persecution, have found that their land of refuge here is not so different a place from their old homeland after all. As Coptic Christian churches are patrolled against the threat of Muslim violence and one of their own is on trial for offending Muslims, they cannot help but wonder what happened to the vaunted freedoms to worship and believe, to speak and be free, that first drew them to this country.

And third, Freedom from Fear, not a right but the outcome of a well-managed system of government, has been under attack by decades of Muslim terrorism whose purpose is to terrorize the non-Muslim into surrendering to its demands. Instead of freeing us from Muslim terror, government authorities have universalized it, spreading it about as much as possible to avoid offending Muslims by drawing attention to the motives and religion of their terrorists.

Finally, there is Freedom from Want, which like Freedom from Fear, was an example of positive rights being snuck into a national compact based on the negative rights of minimal government, and yet it is interesting to note how the liberal mega-state has failed to uphold even its own four freedoms.

Islam is not a subject for civil liberties debates. Those only address the relationship between a people and their government. It is not a constitutional issue because Islam already has its own Constitution, its own government and its own set of laws. It is a wartime matter.

There are two kinds of wars: wars of survival and wars of choice. The war of choice is optional; it may be fought or it may not be fought. There may be compelling moral, political or economic reasons why it should be fought, but if it is not fought then life for most people will still go on much as it has before. And then there are wars of survival. Those wars are no more optional than fighting off a shark circling you in the water is optional. A war of survival is a conflict where an external force is determined to conquer the United States and eliminate the rights, freedoms and identities of all Americans. And in a war of survival, freedom is defined by remaining unconquered.

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  1. A comment by an Armenian

    I can speak for the Armenians in Syria and can tell you that they are deathly afraid that the Syrian government will be overthrown by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi connected groups. The Western media make no mention of churches being attacked and of Christians being massacred by the Islamist groups the West supports, but when they do mention it they blame it on the Syrian government!

    It is strange indeed when I, a staunch anti-Communist American-Armenian during the Cold War, now support Russia and China drawing a line in the sand against the West attacking the Syrian government.

    The U.S. government is aiding and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis coming to power in multiple countries in the Middle East. This is the biggest strategic blunder by the West since the 1500s, along with Europe’s Euro-Arab Dialog which over the past 40 years has opened Europe to mass Muslim invasion. I spent most of my life believing in Western civilization but near the end of my life I see the West for what it has become — ignorant, deceptive, propelled by self-hatred, digging its own grave. It is no longer worthy of its inheritance.

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