Erkki Tuomioja Johan Bäckman Lying Socialist Bastards



Or: Erkki Tuomioja gets a taste of his own medicine from another Erkki.

Erkki Johan Bäckman is his name, and smearing Finland in Russia is his game.

I’ve been reporting off and on over the years, on the very weird case of Erkki Johan Bäckman. What interests me in this case, is the reaction by the Finnish Foreign Minister, Erkki Tuomioja (a serial liar on Israel) concerning his home country getting wrongly raked over the coals by the likes of Bäckman in the Russian media.

Tuomioja has long been known for smearing Israel ever since he’s been in politics. Bäckman, a Russiophile associate professor (no clue if he’s still lecturing) has long been known for smearing both Finland and Estonia in the Russian media. He has extensive connections there, and has become ”an expert” on the two countries for the Russian media whenever an issue between the two states arises.

[Here’s an article about Tuomioja by the esteemed Efraim Karsh.]

So it’s to my chagrin that he’s all up in a lather (justifiably I might add) over Bäckman’s serial lies about the way the Finnish government is treating Russian in Finland, especially children. Keeping them in concentration camps I believe he is quoted as saying in the article.

Erkki is his name, smearing Israel in the Finnish media is his game.

Actually, I think that Tuomioja is very much cut out of the same cloth as Bäckman, both are willing to smear lie profusely about a state they’re fixated with on an international level for pure ideological reasons. Here is a portion of the piece published in today’s IltaSanomat, concering the Finnish FM’s sentiments on Erkki Johan Bäckman.

The hushed up name was dared to be mentioned on Friday by Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. He said in the Suomen Kuvalehti that he’s irritated by the way in which Bäckman creates confusion between Finland and Russia.

– I am sad and even angry, Tuomioja says in an Sinterview.

 Two peas in the same moldy pod.

More on Bäckman here.

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