I’ll never forget the speech Vaclav Klaus gave at the EU parliament, where he spelled out the true meaning of self representational government and democracy, and the statist MP’s there stood up and walked out on him. This is the type of mindset arrayed against you, just as it was against the Czech president. At the 5 minute mark they begin to file out of the auditorium.

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  1. Did anyone really need proof that the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize has eroded to insignificance? In fact, the vast majority of Nobel Prizes, even in the sciences have become politically driven. A scientist who holds conservative free-market views (or worse, is an outspoken supporter of Israel) has less chance against a scientist marching in line with the forced conformity of orthodox liberalism.

    It’s not like liberals don’t have a few good ideas that deserve a Nobel Prize every now and then. It’s that the Prize committee has become fanatical.

    Nick Holonyak is the inventor of the visible LED. I knew Nick in my young adult years. As LED lighting technology is gaining momentum as the technology of choice; even now the Nobel committee denies Nick the prize.

    The prestige once associated with the Nobel Prize has badly eroded. It’s sad that the committee can’t seem to see how the public is slowly becoming apathetic toward the prize.

    1. Thanks TINSC, much appreciated. The Nobel has been reduced to a rump prize, and outside of the science awards (usually) only the true believers are still dazzled by it,

  2. I would enjoy the money that comes with a Nobel Prize but I would be prouder of a blue ribbon at a county fair among friends and neighbors.

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