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It’s like a virus.

So many fronts, so few people cognizant of the wars being waged. The reason why Communism was allowed to morph, is because it was never properly identified, sequestered and then properly done away with. The US would only speak of the Communists, in terms of Marxism and totalitarianism, never mentioning the socialism underpinning its totalitarian ideology.

Reason? Because the Europeans, and yes, Canadians, as well as the Democratic party, had taken a shine to ”social democracy” and wouldn’t tolerate an attack on its system. The US conservatives could only find interested parties in uniting against the ultimate in hard tyranny, of  Marxist Communism.

What we are now left with, literally, is the softer toned down, but as lethal to liberty as bald faced Marxism ever was, social democracy that Obama and the other European statists champion. Every international organization leveled against the US, especially Israel, are over run with the disciples of this modern day, ”kinder and gentler” Marxism.

Conservatives and liberal fiscal conservatives (US sense of the word) who find agreement in championing free market capitalism, find themselves continuously swimming against the tide of this statism, but many more people are once again becoming aware of what’s at stake. Their liberty. Whether it’s too late is not for me too decide here, I’m currently too busy helping to spread awareness of what’s going on.

So communism didn’t really disappear, it didn’t go away. It just adapted, morphed into the new system in order to survive and to continue on its mission. As a result, the West now has to live with the consequences of its own naiveté.

The biggest problem as I see it is that the left has the clear goal, the long term strategy, and it has a well established network around the globe. They are well organized, disciplined and devoted to achieve their goal under any circumstances. Conservatives, on the other hand, have no goal or strategy.

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