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I guess the thrill of trying to understand the speech, let alone doing his job for him, is too much for some people. But don’t worry, the Ombudsman for Minorities is on top of it, it’s  not the customer who is to blame, but the company for complying with the demand. But the result will be the same, the customer won’t be able to choose who will be the driver to ensure a better driving experience.

Taxi Center is breaking the law with racist ride guidelines

Moroccan who has been a Helsinki taxi driver for over a decade, is angry. He says at the beginning of October, he accepted a call for a taxi, which he was forced then to cancel due to the arrival of additional information.

– There was an additional request by the customer for a Finnish driver. I made a u-turn, called the center, and canceled my call. It was an annoying and disturbing situation.

Special requests may be asked from the Helsinki Taxi Center when ordering a ride. The service is intended for example, extra space needed, traveling with a pet, or a family with children, who hopes for a child seat. City taxi inspector said that customers request, however, Finnish drivers more often.

– I do not see this, however, as a skin color issue, but a professional issue. Such customers are generally those with some bad experiences with foreign drivers. That of course is not the best possible way to start a taxi ride, for example, if the driver throws a navigator at the customer and says that tap into that where you want to go, says taxi inspector, Jukka Korvola.

The office of the Ombudsman for Minorities completely dismisses the Taxi Center’s practice unambiguously as illegal.

– In this breach of the Non-Discrimination Act, the professional in question was submitted to a clear disadvantage in the sight of others, Senior Officer Mikko Joronen.

According to him, the request of the customer for a Finnish driver itself, does not violate any law, but a request by the Taxi Center for a Finnish taxi driver indeed does.

The Moroccan taxi driver has been in a similar situation occurred only a few times before, but has heard of other instances.

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  1. Well if you’re drunk/tipsy/carrying a bottle of alcohol or are blind and have a guide dog, or you are female, then you HAVE TO ASK FOR A FINNISH TAXI DRIVER

  2. Many times the elderly have difficulty understanding foreigners. Notice they didn’t say no Moroccans, Danes, or English. They needed someone who was Finnish (fluent in Finnish) and probably had a bad experience from a previous ride.
    I once had a taxi driver from an Eastern European nation and he had a difficult time finding where he was going. But it all worked out in the end. We talked and I found out he was in his first week on the job. Everyone has to start somewhere and I could handle it but could everyone who is very old? (Yes, I know some can just fine and that is nice.)
    Driving a taxi is dealing in customer relations. If you can’t relate/communicate, you are at a disadvantage. No need to get your feelings hurt. He needs to remember sometimes it’s not all about him. It’s for the customer’s convenience.

  3. Being beaten and raped by foreign taxi drivers is against the law, too. Or at least it used to be.

    Numerous Norwegian women have been attacked by foreign cab drivers, primarily Muslims from the ME and “South Asia.”

    What are laws for? To protect people, or to boost the self-esteem of cab drivers? Unjust laws will rightly be ignored. It’s called civil obedience.

    Screw the law, and screw the numb-nuts who wrote it. If someone wants a Finnish cab driver, give them one. It’s their money and they have the right to spend it as they wish.

    If Moroccan cab drivers have a problem with this, then they can get together and weed out their own bad apples. That’s how the real world works.

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