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Police stupefied that others would be offended by it.

Muslims provocatively praying on the grounds of revered Christian cathedral, cop asks person whose videotaping it, if he has a problem with it. And there are those who continue to bury their heads into the sand and believe that Islamization is but a myth, that this is not the case.

H/T: Vlad

Video bio: “i nearly got arrested for filming this police asked if i found what they were doing offensive muslims praying in westminster abby grounds yes i did find it offensive can you imagine what would happened if we done this in a mosque . our kings and queen are buried in this cathedral wonder what they think of it all.”

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  1. Hate crimes in the UK
    type 1: doing anything that a muslim finds offensive.
    type 2: being offended by anything that a muslim does

  2. Muslims really just push and push every possible insult to others culture they can.

    They have no shame.

  3. Steve Bronfman. . .re “They have no shame”

    They redefine/reassign the meaning of the word “shame” to something done by another individual which offends their ideology or the defense-of-their-ideology.
    The mysogynist factor provides an ideologicially acceptable method of cleansing any
    “shame” inflicted upon the male believer. Think “honor crimes”.

    As for the incident above, the shame factor is reflected off of the perpetrators of the offense and foisted upon the target. . .

    Police stupefied that others would be offended by it.”

    Exposing the sickening ignorance and spineless response of the local police to an obviously pre-planned, coordinated attempt to demonstrate Islam’s fearless show of intended conquest provides ‘exhibit one’ of how easily “shame” is deflected onto the intended target.
    Lan astaslem.

  4. Make no mistake, this is an insult to the ‘infidels.’ These guys are jihadists acting to assert superiority of their god over the head Christian church of England. This is why so many like to put a mosque in a building that used to be a church. They do the same in other nations. It’s to prove dominance.

  5. Imagine holding a Christian prayer at Mecca, or even a Buddhist chant. There’d be beheadings and imprisonments. Muslims, though, believe they are superior to the rest of the world, and they see no problem with offending others; they view us as pigs, so they do whatever they want and expect impunity. It’s our fault for allowing them into our countries.

  6. this is the demo they must have gone to afterwards…

    1. I didn’t see anything about this on the news. I don’t know whether or not that is more terrifying than the “Demo” itself. Gender segregation noted as well as “The Prophet is more dear to us than our kids” placards before the end. No doubt the UAF loons were in the background somewhere dancing with joy at the “Multiculturalism” taking place between huffs from their crackpipes while the faithful were doing the same from those of the man in front of them.

  7. The Church Authorities should have taken action against the provocative
    Pagan group. Once again there seems to be Law for Brits and a Law for Muslims

  8. I suggest some Chritians make a test case of this by praying ouside the Finbsbury Park mosque. The police will arrest them for ‘provocation’ and it will then become a test case in the courts.

  9. and the filth are suprised that people would be just beggars belief.are they complete idiots.they are alienating themselves from the british people

  10. I guarantee you, this sh*t will come to a head in Europe – you watch, you wait…

  11. How can they do this? Next time,they will beat up women in public and not arrest them! England,when will you fight back?

  12. There is no problem now that the video evidence has been posted.

    Gather together twenty Christians (or Sikhs or Hindus or neo-Pagans) and have them bow down in prayer inside the gates of the largest mosque in London. Be sure to video the event.

    Post the videos together and ask if anyone, of any stripe, takes any kind of offence.

  13. All you Australians reading this

    get organised , get your Christian friends your Hindu friends your Jewish friends and your Atheist friends and sort out a all services besides islam prayer meeting , have the Atheists pray to technology if they wish , and do so at the biggest Mosque in your state your welcome to post a vid organising such here ( i’m one of the Admin’s ) or any Patriotic right minded group .

    get organised , get ready and let’s get real equality and not this one sided version they are shoving down our throats


  14. These animals are prehistoric. They belong in the middle east countries only. No where else on this planet. There is no sun shining from their eyes, from their soul. They are ignorant, violent, with no idea of what peace and love means. We absolutely must push back and ignore their accusations of racist, they are taught to say such things. Extreme Muslims are using up precious oxygen.

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