The veiled threat being: ”Fail to honor Islam, expect some trouble.”

I must add, that there is simply no way that this is not a threat, direct or implied in the manner of a very confident extortionist.

(at approximately 50 seconds)

I think they will realize that the peace of the city and the peace of our country beautiful country of Canada is lies in that uh we should give proper respect to every founder of the religion

NOTE: Vlad has a thoughtful piece included in his post about this film.

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  1. These are Ahmadiyya muslims. Their 19th century “prophet” came after Mahomet so they are not regarded as muslims but as heretics by other muslims. Many fled to the west to escape persecution. Their world headquarters was moved to London England after Pakistan passed laws against them. In Pakistan, an Ahmadi (pejorative. Qadiani) who refers to himself as a muslim by either spoken or written word, or by visible representation, directly or indirectly, or makes the azan (call to prayer), is punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 years. They are not allowed to refer to their place of worship as a mosque.

    And now they join the attack on our precious freedom of speech, biting the hand that feeds them. I already give all the deference to Islam that I consider is due. Zilch.

  2. Tomato…..Tomahto…


    A muslim is a muslim is a muslim is a muslim…….and by any other name is just as treacherous, just as duplicitous and just as demanding, distracting, divisive and just as concerned with domination and superiority… the detriment of all non-muslims……

    As the old expression goes……..”Same Dog, Different Leg Action”……..

    I want every single one of them gone from my country…….every single one……and I’m not particularly concerned about the niceties as to how we achieve that……..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Edson, Alberta, Canada

  3. Well this isn’t a surprise to me, in a way, my husband ordered a koran on line as they were being given away free, and it says that when muslims are in a minority, they are to be friendly and act nice to “infildels” though they are told to curse us in their hearts, till they reach a number majority, they then are to oppress the non muslims in that country, right now this is the first step in that they will be peaceful and do the door to door thing just spreading fliers, but if they become powerful especially in politics, and in numbers a majority, they will be going door to door making people convert, submit or die,

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