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Lets see here. A painting on a building wall owned by a Muslim, of Jewish bankers fumbling with money on a Monopoly game board resting on the backs of the down and trodden they’re supposedly oppressing? (Sarc/on) Antisemitism, what antisemitism? (Sarc/off).

Mear One, or Kalen Ockerman,  is an artist working out of L.A., he’s commonly referred to as the “Michelangelo of street graffiti”. He paints up a wall commissioned by a Muslim in a predominantly Muslim area, that reinforces ancient antisemitic stereotypes of “the evil money grubbing Jew”, then claims ignorance over any interpreted antisemitism. 

NOTE: How much you want to bet that this big time leftist ‘artist’ votes Democrat?

Banking protest mural resembling Nazi anti-Semitic propaganda to be removed from East End

  • East London’s Tower Hamlets council says it has received numerous complaints about the mural
  • Councillor Peter Golds said it is ‘horribly similar to the propaganda used by the Third Reich in Nazi Germany’
  • He has urged the police to pursue artist Mear One – real name Kalen Ockerman – under race hate laws
  • Mear One denies his mural is anti-Semitic
  • The piece is also being defended by resident Azmel Hussain, who owns the property


Now the artist has been accused of anti-Semitism, a claim he vehemently denies.

But with its continued presence causing public tolerance to fray, council bosses have set a deadline for its removal.

Mear One – real name Kalen Ockerman – completed the painting last month in an area steeped in Jewish history.

Orthodox immigrants fleeing persecution in Tsarist Russia first settled in Brick Lane in the 1880s  and the area remained a proud Jewish neighbourhood until the 1960s.    

Local councillor and long-term resident Peter Golds has urged the police to pursue the inflammatory artist under race hate laws.

He said: ‘When I saw the mural I was shocked. It’s horribly similar to the propaganda used by the Third Reich in Nazi Germany.

‘The money hoarding and hooked-nosed men is classic Nazi.

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