With his boot on the secularists and the military, he lays out his agenda for the next decade. The neo-Ottoman empire is on the rise, and Egyptians are listening. It wouldn’t surprise if Cairo tells the US to shove its annual aid packages in favor of Turkish patronage. All this spells, is more trouble for an already fundamentalist troubled Middle East region.

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Turkey: Erdogan to AKP congress, my objective is 2023 Egyptian President Morsi guest of honor, Sunni power alliance

01 OCTOBER, 15:21

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to lead the Republic of Turkey all the way to its 100th anniversary, in 2023, at a boisterous party rally on Sunday attended by 40,000 supporters.

”A great nation, a great power, objective 2023” was the slogan at the fourth congress of his Justice and Development Party, or AKP, which re-elected him chairman for the third and last time. Erdogan, 58, detailed his party’s achievements after nearly a decade in power, while also laying out a road map for what his role could be in the future. Today Turkey is the 17th world economic power, per-capita income has tripled since his 2002 election, the government has invested trillions in ambitious, country-wide development plans, and the armed forces have been brought to heel.

Several hundred officers and generals are in jail on sedition charges, but so are thousands of Kurdish separatists and dozens of journalists. While they worry Europe, these illiberal tendencies appear to leave Erdogan’s electorate undisturbed, with the AKP light years ahead of the main social-democratic opposition party, the CHP, with its 25% share of votes. With a 50% approval rating, Erdogan, 58, will likely be confirmed for another five years in the next 2014 elections. He has a good chance of delivering on his campaign promise of bringing the country into the top 10 world economic powers by 2023, pending constitutional reform allowing his mandate to continue.

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  1. The Turks see the Islamic caliphate coming and they want to remind everyone of who’s in charge.

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