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First Ezra and his guest, one of the founders of GreenPeace, then the Penn & Teller vid.

Now here is a Penn and Teller vid on the diet industry, and later on (12 minute mark), the genetically engineered foods argument. At the 22 minute mark, check out the exchange between a shopper and a Greenie in a Frankenstein suit, there is no doubt in my mind which way his politics goes, he either votes left or not at all, and above all he (they) loves big statist government run programs. Most likely he has never seen or heard of any big government program and bureaucracy that he hasn’t liked, let alone willing to shut down.

In my opinion, the mind of  the left works like this,

“We mistrust the government (the minute, actual part that works, though the overwhelming majority of it’s synonymous with the Democratic party) but we need more and more of big bloated government to improve the daily lives of US citizens (and illegals).” Or as others have put it, “big government stay the hell out of our bedrooms, but you can have the rest of the house.”

NOTE: H/T: Vlad says: It isn’t often that I disagree with Ezra Levant but I must here where he states that the story in the video below is the worst thing that Greenpeace has ever done.

I think it was when Greenpeace talked Zambia into refusing a US gift of GM corn that would have fed starving millions during a famine at the time. (Video on that below the main one. Cut to 23 minutes if you just want the Zambian section)

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