The Left keeping tight lipped.

They should  enlist the help of John Kerry to ferret notes to the Egyptian government on behalf of the Hamas, he still has the bunny suit from prior occasions.

Gazans protest demolition of smuggling tunnels

10/02/2012 02:20

Some of the protests are organized by Hamas, who had thus far refrained from criticizing Morsi’s new Egyptian government.

For the first time since the election of President Mohamed Morsi, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have staged demonstrations against the demolition of tunnels along the border with Egypt.

Some of the protests were organized by Hamas, whose leaders had thus far refrained from criticizing Morsi and the new Egyptian government.

The protests are seen as the first sign of tensions between Hamas and the Egyptians since the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak in February 2011.

In recent weeks, Egyptian security forces have destroyed dozens of tunnels that Hamas and many Palestinians used to smuggle goods and people across the border.

The move came after unidentified terrorists killed 16 Egyptian border guards in their military base in Sinai during Ramadan.

“Oh, people and president of Egypt, until when will you continue to impose a blockade on the Gaza Strip,” read a placard carried by one of the protesters during a demonstration near the border with Egypt.

Another placard read: “We call on the Egyptian leadership not to close the tunnels without finding an alternative.”

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